Learn How To Generate Free Mtn 7.5GB For Free Now

Good evening guys, I know this is late but I just have to
still write something about it. I equally know that a lot of you have gotten Mtn7.5GB tweak already but don’t know how to generate it. I must personally appreciated
Prince Tunde Milla, Freegiver and Ridiano for this tweak. This is unlike the 3GB tweak you
all got last week but this is far better than that.

This is how this tweak works.  Am going to share with you guys two methods you
can easily use to generate your free 7.5GB that will last you for a month. Mind you,
no tweak last forever; no matter how hidden, it will still be block so it
better every one should enjoy it while it last.

This Free 7.5GB works on PC, Symbian Phones, Androids, Iphones/Ipad but cannot ping on blackberry.

How Can I Get Free 7.5GB For Free
Like i said, that their are two method that i will be sharing with us. Should in case method one did not work out for you, method two will work out for you.
So that the tweak can last long, i had to remove it from my blog because i don’t trust Mtn at all. So if you need it just drop your mails and I will inbox you the full tutorial on how to generate the 7.5GB yourself.

Tested and confirmed working as at the time of posting. Don’t dull yourself at all!

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319 thoughts on “Learn How To Generate Free Mtn 7.5GB For Free Now

  1. This thing is giving me error that SOrry my pin is not correct ooo, even after changing the pin and using the new one. Please is it still working at all.?

  2. Tanx bro…but dont u tink we shud kip ds from public view so it wud last longer…lik pasting it in our email …tnx oncemor

  3. Please you guys should keep enjoying it ooo because it will be blocked at anytime. Still flexing real Hot.
    If you get a message like insufficient bal, try to send to another sim until you get it transferd.

  4. Oga yomi sir, it is telling me i have insufficient credit to perform the task…. Help me oh, i wan deal with mtn, awaiting your holy reply….lol

  5. Mtn is in Trouble. Yomi it's better as you removed the tweak self. Just be sending to our emails so that it can last long. I have confirmed this working with speed. Inshort, i just downloaded movies and i'm still downloading.
    I am your biggest fan

    ————–Etisalat Staff

  6. It worked for me but on only one two sims but i don't know how to share the GB to someone else. Can someone help me with the code again please?

  7. please oooo somebody should help load this sim 08148196217, 08104099808, 08106942096. 08162088959 Thanks it's for me and my sis , bros sim

  8. Message Sent!

    Please If your sim can't generate it, Just drop your numbers and you will get it transfered to you from those whose sim can generate it should send to the numbers above Please.

  9. please oooo somebody should help load this sim 08148196217 08104099808, 08106942096. 08162088959 Thanks it's for me and my sis , bros sim

  10. My sim can't generate it. Pls someon to transfer it to my sim and my bro sim at 07037781319 and 08142213036 .
    God bless u all

  11. Am wondering why none is will to help me and generate the gb to my sim as am unable to do it my self,i keep geting insuffecient amount . Pls help my no 07037781319 @yomi pls do something

  12. Pls i need help oooooooo.mine is not generating ooooo……my number is 08137730189…. I appreciate and wait in anticipation

  13. This Mtn network is blazing like Jet meeennnn. . . Sorry for those whose sims are currupt. I have activated 15 Sims today. Yomi thank you and i promise to send to others too.

  14. Yomi tnks mine was just blocked dey told me ur 5gb has expired
    and am vewi angry i hv alreadi exhausted my 2.gb
    ma frnd always hack mtn nd he told me dat dey working on blockin de cheat nd everi one activayed

  15. see…come no dey do dis thing yomi…none of these bloody cheats are made to subsist forever,these are just temporary blips in a networks infrastructure,so pls stop this cheat-to-email idea,how many emails can u possibly treat? abeg if cheat comot drop it like its hot.

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