Opera now lets you buy cryptocurrency within your browser in under 1 minute

The Android version of Opera now allows users to buy cryptocurrency directly through their web browsers.

Opera has partnered with Bitcoin exchange Safello to allow Opera users to buy Ethereum from the comfort of their Android devices.

Opera inbrowser crypto currency

Opera users on both PC and Android already have access to a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, but this move takes the browser’s commitment to supporting the cryptocurrency market to the next level.

According to opera, We think that the next important phase for crypto will come from usage and that for it to reach wider adoption, it has to be easy to buy and easy to use,”

Charles Hamel, Cryptocurrency Product Lead at Opera

The feature is currently only available in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, but given that Safello is an international exchange, the hope is that it will soon be available across the world.

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20 thoughts on “Opera now lets you buy cryptocurrency within your browser in under 1 minute”

  1. I hope it’s not because of the falling in price of Bitcoin ?
    They want people to get Easy access to buy more abi ? ????

  2. Buying of crypotcurrency remain a risky venture.
    All the same it’s a good improvement i noticed series of development in Opera browser to maintain their relevance.

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