Get Airtel 7GB for N2000

In as much as we want cheap internet subscription this January
2017, Airtel want to make it easier for us to get… This hustle is real.

Got this message from Airtel and I’m sure Airtel users and
fans got the message too. Glo has been unusually slow in the past few days and
this might be a better option for those who find Airtel network speedy in their
Dial *437*2# to activate the package
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21 thoughts on “Get Airtel 7GB for N2000”

    • Lol it could be, all these networks and their wayo. I recharged my line, got 150mb bonus data and within about 5 minutes of Google searching, all of it was exhausted. They'd even started chopping out of my credit. I have all auto updates set to off on my phone so definitely the 150mb 'bonus' wasn't from their heart. Evil people!

  1. If impass 4gb mai I hear.
    The most useles network to subscribe for.
    I did sub of 1500 for 4.5gb. In didn't evn use t pas a week. I didn't download nor even watched movie.. So so stupid. Neva do anything sub in Airtel


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