Bitcoin is Rising Rapidly, Hits $14000 – Here is how to Buy, Store and make Profit

If there is any time to invest in cryptocurrency is now as bitcoin keeps rising every day, and chances are, it may hit $20, 000 on or before the end of November 2020.

The world’s flagship crypto just surpassed $14,000 some hours ago and it is still rising… Ever since the crypto asset has gone from strength cryptocurrency breaking all growth barriers across the various spectrums.


It is easy to invest in bitcoin if you are just hearing it for the very first time, and easy to convert it to your local currency. You can buy from any reliable exchangers, but for this article, I’ll be using YellowCard exchanger.

How to Buy Bitcoin Using YellowCard

1. You can sign up here

2. Enter Your valid mobile number and password. You’ll receive an OTP code on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to login to your YellowCard account.

3. The first thing you’ll want to do is to verify your account to Tier 2 because your daily limit is N20,000. But with tier 2, your limit is N2M.

Click on “Limit” to see your limit per day. Enter your BVN to verify your account or upload a valid doc to verify your account (Note, your BVN doesn’t give them access to your Bank account)

4. In most cases, it takes 30 – 60 min to upgrade your account to the next tier. But allow it up to 24hours.

How to Deposit

Yellow Card allows you to fund your account with bank transfer, cash, and credit card. The availability of payment methods changes from country to country.

Using Bank Deposit: Click on Deposit and it will generate a virtual YellowCard bank account number for you where you can deposit your cash

Copy the bank account generated, open your bank mobile app>> Scroll down to Providus bank and enter the account number. You should see your name attached to the account. Please verify before you hit the send button.

Your cash will appear on your YellowCard account after deposit.

How to Buy Bitcoin

Click on “Buy” from your dashboard

Enter the amount in Naira, and you should see the bitcoin equivalent.

Click to continue to get your bitcoin.

Once you buy your bitcoin, leave it in your wallet, as bitcoin is rising, yours too will be rising. The best time to invest in cryptocurrency is now and make more profit.

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4 thoughts on “Bitcoin is Rising Rapidly, Hits $14000 – Here is how to Buy, Store and make Profit”

  1. You don’t invest when price is rising so the best time to invest is when price guys continue to watch the trend when there is a shock in the market leading to southward trend then you can buy.

    • You just spoke my mind. As a forex trader you invest in prospects and not the other way round. The us election played a huge part in this rise. Once everywhere settles, there’s almost certainty that it will drop sharply again. Anyone who hadn’t bought early enough should wait. There would be other opportunities.


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