Don’t Miss AliExpress Biggest Sales of The Year – 11.11

11.11 is AliExpress’s biggest sales of the year is now live (Go ahead and start shopping). If you are not in a country where your local MasterCard is limited then you can shop effortlessly. But if you are in Nigeria, you can easily create a virtual dollar card from Vesti, fund it and use it to shop on AliExpress. Or if you are shopping lesser than $20, you use your Nigerian Master Card to buy online.

I make use of a physical Dollar card which is enough for me to carry out my purchases on AliExpress. And delivery on this platform is now faster than before.
You have a range of items to choose from and they will be shipped to you.

For Tech related items and accessories, click here

Hair Extensions and Wigs

For cheap hair extensions and wigs, click here

For Smartphones and free coupons

For Smartphones and free coupon codes, click here

Remember, it is the biggest sales of the year, and it happens just once in a year. It will be live 9:00AM Nigerian time.

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