Telegram Latest Update for 2023

Telegram has dropped a new updates to end the year 2022, which includes features such as Hidden Media, Profile Pictures for Your Contacts, zero storage usage and more.

Let’s explore the newly added features to the messaging service that this version brings in more detail below.

Hidden Media

Users can blur images and videos with a shimmering layer. One tap will reveal the message’s content. Spoiler formatting is already supported by Telegram to conceal any text in messages.

Zero Storage Usage

You can delete media and documents from your phone’s storage and download them again at any time from your Telegram cloud. Users have been able to set a maximum cache size or have unused items removed automatically after a certain amount of time.

Profile Pictures for Your Contacts

You can select a photo for your contacts while editing them; only you will be able to see it on their profile.

Suggest Profile Photos

Furthermore, if your contact has a decent profile photo, you could offer it to them. To add it to their profile, they only need two taps.

Public Profile Pictures

Users can set a public picture for everyone else if you only allow certain users to see your profile photos. This update also allows you to achieve complete profile picture privacy by setting visibility to ‘Nobody’ and adding specific users or groups as exceptions.

Hidden Group Members

Group admins can now hide members in groups with 100+ members. This way, your presence in the group will not be visible to anyone other than the admin unless you post.

Remaining changes include new progress animations on Android when jumping to specific points in the chat, 10 new animated emoji pack for Premium users, and more interactive emoji, including ??☃️????.

The update is now live on Android and iOS.

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