Bluetooth Powered POS Machine Launched in Kenya, Coming to NG

Vienna Payment Solutions has partnered with interswitch to launch Bluetooth powered Point of Sales machine, to facilitate payment in the banking, hospitality industry, financial institutions, and others.

The bluetooth-enabled solution provides an alternative payment method to consumers in situations where the network fails. It utilizes a Bluetooth low-energy connectivity innovation solution that allows for transactions to be made even when traditional card or mobile phone payments are inconvenient.

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Starting with Kenya, the innovative offering is expected to progressively spread through with regional adoption

The applications seamlessly operate between a smartphone/feature phone (consumer) and a smartphone/feature phone (merchant) or between a smartphone/feature phone (consumer) and an Android Point of Sale terminal (merchant).

In addition to addressing operational inefficiencies, the solution also aims to enhance financial inclusion in the East African market by achieving an efficient payment solution for businesses and consumers through reliable and accessible offerings.

Chief Executive Officer at VIPASA, Matthias Horvath said, “We are honoured to partner with Interswitch in East Africa on our mission to make VIPASO technology available to everyone, everywhere.

“We started VIPASO with a goal to make Point of Sales (PoS) payments simple, reliable, safe and universal. The partnership with Interswitch marks significant progress towards achieving this goal,”

“VIPASO’s mission is to deliver accessible financial services around the world.”, said Wolfgang Platz, President at VIPASO. “We are delighted to partner with Interswitch East Africa (Kenya) Limited to deliver upon that mission and offer new innovative payment options for the region,”

My Thoughts

When it finally spread to other African countries like Nigeria, OPAY, Moniepoint and others should be the first to adopt this, since they have their POS machines scattered the country.


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  1. I don’t understand what you mean by bluetooth powered poS does this mean it uses bluetooth connection to make transactions if there’s no internet connection or what?????


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