Google Meet video chat software is now free

Free-to-use Zoom and Skype are getting some competition: Meet, which is Google’s premium video conferencing tool, is now free for everyone.

Other competing products such as Zoom have become increasingly popular with everyone stuck at home — security concerns aside — and Google clearly feels the time is right to bring its rejuvenated app to the masses.

Google Meet

According to Google, the “secure and reliable” software will become available over the next few weeks to anyone with an email address, even if it’s not a Gmail account. Meet was previously only available to users of its G Suite productivity tools, commonly used by larger companies and schools.

People can use the service for calls with as many as 100 participants. Google said it will cap free calls at 60 minutes, but won’t begin enforcing that time limit until the end of September.

Google founder Pichai said Meet recently “surpassed a significant milestone” and is adding 3 million new users every day. Usage has increased 30-fold since January and Meet now has more than 100 million daily meeting participants.

Like Skype and Zoom, Meet will retain some premium features for G Suite customers, including dial-in phone numbers, larger meetings, and meeting recording.

Where to Download it

To be notified when Google Meet is available to you, enter your details here. You can use it in Chrome on desktop without downloading anything extra, or grab the app for Android or iOS.

Source: Google, Via – YomiProf

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  1. As Zoom blow, the big boys wants to cripple them. I wish ppl will stick to zoom and ignore this new open but in the end, its all business.


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