Covid-19: Google, YouTube Launches New Teaching Resources for Teachers and Students

Google and YouTube have launched new resource pages to help teachers and families continue to educate students while they’re home from school due to the Covid-19 virus.

Google’s page, called Teach From Home, offers recommendations on how teachers can teach remotely using Google products. Right now, the page features ideas like doing a video call with a class using Hangouts or creating an online quiz using Google Forms.

teach from home

The page will “continue to evolve,” according to Google. There’s also a “Teach from Home toolkit,” which has resources about how to teach remotely organized into a series of slides.

How to Access Google Teach From Home

Click here to access it

Teach from Home is currently only available in English, but the downloadable toolkits are available in Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish, and Google says more languages are “coming soon.”

Like Google, YouTube also has a resource which is called [email protected], It highlights the educational channels on YouTube which students can watch at home on the recommendation of their teachers. This page has categories for all age groups of children and adults.

YouTube will be partnering with a lot of educational institutes including the Khan Academy for their resource page. The service of ‘[email protected]’ is also available currently in English but will soon be available in Korean, French, Japanese, French, Chinese, etc. the channels that are currently mentioned on the resource pages are Discovery Education, Crash Courses, PBS Kids, Cool School, and Sesame Street. But soon more channels will be highlighted too.

How do I Access [email protected]?

Click here to access it

Google is also launching a $10 million Distance Learning Fund as part of the company’s $50 million contribution made through its philanthropic arm,, to COVID-19 response efforts.

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