Good News: Glo 4G LTE is Now Available on Band 3(1800)

It is no longer news that Glo is the grandmaster of data and a lot of subscribers major complaint is there smartphone doesn’t support Glo 4G band frequency. But there is a goodness, Band 3 (1800) is now available on Glo network.

Earlier this year it was reported that the telecom company was working to extend its 4G LTE frequency to band 3; the same frequency band Airtel and 9mobile make use.

glo 4G LTE

Glo NG is already rolling out Band 3 frequency and subscribers from different cities in Nigeria has confirmed that Glo 4G LTE is now available on Band 3(1800).
At the moment, you can access Glo 4G LTE on Band 3(1800MHz) and Band 28(700MHz).

If you’ve abandoned your sim chip because of the epileptic Glo 3G network, it’s time to dust it and access the new 4G LTE band on your smartphone.
The new Band 3 supports most smartphones except if you are not using a smartphone or a supported 4G device or an upgraded Glo 4G SIM.

Kindly let us know if your smartphone have detected the Band frequency and let us know your location.

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20 thoughts on “Good News: Glo 4G LTE is Now Available on Band 3(1800)”

    • Noticed it last night at Gbagada axes. Thought it was a network glitch, till I saw this news. But can’t surf the internet with it. Everytime I connect it changes to H+
      I’d given up on using glo 4G already. This is good.

  1. How can we check the status from our phone
    Prof do you mean I can have access to the 4g lte facilities on my 3g phone

  2. I live in Ilorin and I’ve been using Glo Internet since 2014. I’ve been patient with them.
    But when I bought my Nokia 2.1 in October 2018 I was told it didn’t have band 28 to support Glo 4G network. In June this year I upgraded to Nokia 7 Plus with manufacturer specifications stating band 28 among the 4G bands. Yet when I sent 4G to 400 it replied that I have to change my Phone to a 4G enabled. I told Glo and replied that my Phone didn’t have their 4G band. But sometime I do see LTE on my Phone. And when I told them, they said it didn’t mean the Phone compatible with their band.
    So as I read your info, I sent 4G to 400 here in Ilorin and still replied I didn’t have a 4G enabled Phone.
    How long will it take them to install this facility? Anyway, I’ve concluded that once my current data subscription finishes, I’ll switch to Airtel. Airtel has the wildest coverage of 4G.


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