Facebook is getting ready to start hiding “Likes” and “reactions” on posts

This might not be what everybody want but its aimed at improving users’ sense of well-being while retaining user engagement.

Facebook is getting ready to start hiding likes and reactions on its own site. This simply means that Facebook will remove public visibility of Like, reaction and video view counts from people’s posts and ads across Facebook.

Facebook hide likes

While your friends and family will still be able to like and add emoji reactions to your posts, they won’t be able to see how many others interacted with it.

The same goes if you want to see how many people liked a post from someone you know; that information on counts will now only be visible to the author of a post, who can still see the number of Likes or reactions their posts are getting, it just won’t be public.

This change is rolling out to Australia already and the data gathered from Australia will determine if it will roll out to other countries or not.

Facebook is already running a similar test for Instagram, hiding the number of likes individual posts receive from public viewers.


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