Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, And Vivo Pushed Samsung Out Of The Chinese Market—Is Apple Next?

Chinese smartphone makers Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi have pushed Samsung out of the world’s largest smartphone market, and Apple may be next.

That’s according to recent Staistista.com data, which shows that the market shares of the Chinese smartphone makers have increased dramatically since 2014, while the shares of both Samsung’s and Apple’s dropped continuously. Samsung’s market share dropped from 12.8% in 2014 to less than one-percent by 2018, while Apple’s share dropped from 10.1% to 7.4%


Analyst suggested that Samsung’s big decline in the Chinese market could be traceable to the fact that Samsung only produces devices for the middle class, while in China, there’s a high-end market for expensive smartphones catering to the country’s emerging upper class, and a low-end market for the rest.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s, Oppo’s, and Vivo’s market shares almost tripled over the same period—collectively holding close to 67% of the Chinese smartphone market

 And there’s Xiaomi with a steady market share of roughly 13%.

Apparently, Samsung’s products catered to the middle, failing to address either market. That’s why the Korean giant is relocating its manifesting facilities to Southeast Asia, where it’s already facing competition by Chinese smartphone makers.

What about Apple? Is it next? 

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