DStv Subscribers Lament Premier League Suspension, Demand for Refund

The outbreak of the coronavirus has forced all sporting activities to be canceled including the Premier League… Subscribers on DStv have demanded the refund of their money, according to them the only thing keeping them on DStv was because of football.

MultiChoice quickly responded out of panic by opening Ultimate Love reality TVshows to all packages including Access and Family

DStv Subscribers were not happy by the move, and has express their anger below

We are hoping they’ll do the needful to atleast make subscribers happy. Let us know what you think about this in the comment.

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4 thoughts on “DStv Subscribers Lament Premier League Suspension, Demand for Refund”

  1. My brother paid ₦18,500 subscription this week not knowing that football leagues will be suspended for a while. He contacted their customers care to know if his subscription can be paused till when the football matches resume. He was directed to mail their headquarters in South Africa for his request. He was made to know that DSTV might not be willing to bear the whole loss.

    • They should refund him abeg. The only thing that made me still sub my DSTv decoder is because of sport, all the movies there are waaack


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