Can Your Smartphone Survive This Test?

Ulefone wants to know if your current smartphone can survive this test if it can’t then Ulefone is here to help you out with a phone that can survive the test called Ulefone X7.

Ulefone Amour has always proven to be rugged, and this new one is not an exemption, with a durability test videos showing Ulefone X7 withstanding extreme temperature.

In the video Armor, X7 was fully soaked in 100℃ boiling water but remained unscathed by the ordeal and the phone functioned normally after been taken out. Then the tester put Armor X7 into a tank full of water and placed the water tank into a freezer for a night.

The result of the -15℃ night out? Huge ice cube with a phone inside it. Amazingly, Armor X7 didn’t skip a beat after being freed from the ice cube. So I would call the extreme temperature test a success.

Funny enough, the device is just a mid-ranger smartphone of 2GB RAM + 16GB onboard storage. It comes with Android 10 out of the box with face unlock.

If your current smartphone can’t survive what X7 survives, then you should be thinking of getting this device as a backup for just $79.99.

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