You’ll Now Pay N15000 for Correction on Your NIMC Card

You may have seen this elsewhere , but don’t like it… well, this is Nigeria where everything looks like a joke. According to reports, you’ll now pay a certain amount of money if you made a mistake on your NIMC card.

THE National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, yesterday, declared that correction of details in the National Identity Number, NIN, would attract varying charges.

NIMC card

The NIMC Regional Coordinator in Alausa, Lagos, Funmi Opensanwo, said the charges vary from correction of details like name, address, card renewal or replacement, and date of birth.

Reacting to allegations that officials of NIMC have been demanding illegal fees from Nigerians to link their NIN to their sim cards, Opensanwo said:

“The money we charge is for modification fee. “For the date of birth correction, the processing fee is N15, 000. For card renewal or card replacement, there is a processing fee of N5, 000. “For a modification of your name and address, there is a fee of N5,000.”

Besides, she said the fees “are for services and (things) to be corrected. They are payable to the Treasury Single Account, TSA, and not to anybody

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