WhatsApp Just Added an Incredible Button to Your Chat, There is More

WhatsApp‘s group calls have been a blessing in so many ways, and the company has introduced many features related to it, including increasing the limit to eight people.

Join-able Button

Now the firm has rolled out a new button directly into the group chat that lets you join ongoing calls. The company said the feature is “a new spontaneous way to connect with their family and friends groups.”

The new button means you can call a WhatsApp Group (or join a call) from the chat itself. And the redesigned notification will now say the Group name, rather than listing participants.

Only people in the Group will be able to join the call. The call will also appear in the chat list, so you can quickly and easily see which groups have ongoing calls.

WhatsApp group joinable button

If you can recall, back in July, WhatsApp added a joinable call even when the call is in progress. The new button now makes it easier to join directly from the chat tab.

“We are making it easier to connect spontaneously with your groups,”

“Join ongoing calls with your groups anytime, effortlessly, and directly from the chat view with one click.”

Control Bar

WhatsApp is redesigning the Picture-in-Picture mode with a new control bar that allows you quickly to pause or resume the video and more, like opening the video in full-screen mode or closing it.

 Initially, the control bar had to be available for videos shared from YouTube, but it seems that WhatsApp is now rolling out for any supported video.

The new update is rolling out already, so update your iPhone’s App Store or the Google Play Store on Android.

Once you’ve updated, you should be able to see the new design.

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