Infinix is Rolling out Virtual RAM Feature to These Infinix Phones

Infinixmobility is gradually becoming a top player in the smartphone industry with high end smartphones being launched. Now an update is rolling to Infinix Note 11 that allows you to expand your RAM.

The Extended RAM feature will allow users to run more apps simultaneously and quickly switch between apps without lag. Xiaomi rolled out this features some couples of month back, and other manufacturers are doing the same.

Infinix Virtual RAM

This new feature works by utilizing the phone’s ROM when the RAM is not sufficient to ensure smooth performance.

The latest OTA software update for the Infinix Note 11 series brings in the Extended RAM feature, which provides a temporary boost in performance. As per the details shared by Infinix, the new software update adds up to 3GB of additional RAM to the Note 11S.

Once you install the latest OTA update on your Note 11 4GB/6GB RAM model, users will be able to get 1GB additional RAM. While the Infinix Note 11S 8GB RAM variant will get 3GB RAM additional support as mentioned above.

With this new feature, the Infinix Note 11s users will be able to run up to 20 apps simultaneously, compared to the 9 apps, which used to run earlier without the feature. The company also mentions that the startup speed of apps increased is increased by up to 60 percent and games loaded much faster with the new software update.

How to Check if The Update is Available for You

Go to settings>>About Phone>>Update. Once the update is available for you, make sure your smartphone is fully charged and not rooted. Download the update and install it. Once its fully installed, the feature will be active on your device.

For other Infinix users, no word yet on when the update will roll out.


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