Tecno Unveils Eagle Eye Camera Technology

TECNO has introduced Eagle Eye Lens, a brand-new camera technology for smartphones, at the current premium smartphone talk that was organized by Counterpoint Research. The new technology will be the first dual-prism telephoto camera that automatically follows objects. Surprisingly, neither Apple nor Samsung came up with it.

Eagle Eye Lens Technology

Tecno now claims to have come up with a solution, a system of two prism instead of one (it’s the first of its kind). Each prism can rotate along one axis – one can do +/-8°, the other +/-10°. With the two prisms combined the camera is able to automatically track an object – by as much as +/-16° on one axis and +/-20° on the other, according to Tecno.

If you can’t picture how the system works, here’s a short video that illustrates the action of the two prisms:

The company says this will be useful at events like car races, where you can take a clear photo or a smooth video of fast cars zipping by.

TECNO’s Image R&D Center Deputy Director Jimmy Hsu discussed the company’s plans to push premium photographic technologies in its 2023 phones. Eagle Eye Lens is an industry-first core technology set to appear in 2023 smartphones.

It’ll be the first dual-prism periscope telephoto camera with a large tilt. “Another is the first dual optical image stabilizer with broad angle,” he added, which improves sensor shift stabilization.

Tecno is working on premium smartphones with the Eagle Eye tech, the will debut next year.

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