7 Websites to Earn $500 – $3200 Working Remotely This Dec

Working from home offers so much flexibility and freedom; it unlocks your creativity and delivers you from the slavery of 9-5 jobs. The month is just beginning, and you can still make enough money before the year runs out if you maximize these opportunities.

Earlier we shared with you 10 websites that allow you to earn between $700 – $1500 working remotely. Today, we are going to share more sites where you can earn $$$ performing a simple task.

Working remotely earn

7 Websites to Earn $500 – $3200 Performing Simple task

7. Fiverr

  → Turn your talents into income on Fiverr.

  → Offers logo design, video editing, NFT art, and more.

  → Monetize your creativity and skills with Fiverr.

  → Fiverr allows you to earn with practically any talent


6. ClearVoice

  → ClearVoice revolutionizes freelance writing.

  → No need to bid, show your portfolio or set your rates.

  → Partnered with Fiverr for more opportunities.

  → Earn from $200 to $1,000 per order.


5. GigWalk

  → Explore opportunities for rewarding tasks.

  → Tasks include shelf photos, menu audits, and event evaluations.

  → Earn $100 to $300 based on the complexity of the task.


4. Field Agent

  → Earn by completing simple tasks for global brands.

  → Use the easy-to-use app to capture data and opinions.

  → Contribute to product improvement and earn simultaneously.

  → Download the app, complete tasks, and earn effortlessly.


3. Scribie

  → Scribie offers a home income through transcription.

  → Many companies pay well for transcription services.

  → Beginners can earn up to $800/month; skilled typists up to $3,200


2. Snapwire:

Snapwire is a platform that allows users to take photos and videos in response to a request from brands, publishers, small businesses, and creatives who seek images that fulfill certain requirements

  → Snapwire transforms Instagram photos into cash.

  → Share captivating images on Snapwire to monetize.

  → Sell photos to global brands, and make lots of money.

  → Build a portfolio, earn commissions on purchases

1. Trymata:

Website testing by Trymata allows anyone to easily conduct website usability tests across any device- desktop, mobile, or tablet. Get real user experience

  → Participate in various tasks, and share your insights on websites and applications.

  → Earn $10 for each completed test, taking between 20-30 minutes each.

  → Take as many tests as you want daily.

  → Beat survey sites.


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