Airtel Finally Introduced Android Data Plans (AIS)

Without much doubt, the prayer we once prayed sometimes ago is beginning to come to reality. Few months ago, we seriously anticipate the arrival of AIS (Android Internet Service) from various network but today, Airtel seems to be topping the chart for AIS.

All thanks goes to Engr Wale for drawing my attention to this early hours of this morning. Airtel AIS I know is going to make a lot of sense to a lot of Android users and it’s going to prompt other network to arise from their slumber because they won’t want to loose customers.

How Can I Check Airtel AIS?
Dial *141*1# and you’ll see Android plan. Click on the android plan, monthly and it will display with this options below;
Airtel 2GB #2000
Airtel 3GB Night plan #2,500
4.5GB plan #3,500.

This plan works on all android phones. Now, when you make a post on FB, you’ll see via Android internet Service.
The question is, will you rather go for this Android plan or rock Airtel 4GB for #1,500 that will last you for 2months?

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49 thoughts on “Airtel Finally Introduced Android Data Plans (AIS)”

  1. Mr Yomi I am sorry to ask for this on this thread. Pls how can I enjoy my unlocked modem wit the cheapest data plan? I use bb and I do sub on Mtn network. How can I enjoy these two devices pls?

    • Since your modem is unlocked, you can go with Airtel 4gb for 1500 or the current cheap mtn data plans. If u re using bb10, glo bis will be best for u as u can share it to ur pc.

  2. pls my samsung s4 mini is not working fine since i make an error trying to change the imei is showing invalid imei and i cant download from googleplay or change network to 3g pls help me. am ayo.

  3. Professor Yomi, thanks in your good work. God bless you. Currently am having a little problem I bought an LG vs920 4g Android phone that makes use of cdma sim, and I got a Visafone sim to it. But it can't browse cause we don't have the Internet subscription and we have subscribed for the weekly data plan . Please can you help us with that asap

  4. a gud step… bt stil xpensive may wit time dy would reduce d price wen dir is more competition 4m oda networks… GLO ROCKS 4 NW 1K – 3GB SO SWEEEEEEET!!!

  5. Please Mr yomi. I hope this get to you on time… One Facebook account of mine as been disabled… Please how do I recover or retrieve.. Please help me out it's MONEY MAKING ACCT

  6. its good to those who has good Airtel network in their area but not to Me, still cost anyways… but follow the network that's good in your area… MTN-obibrow, etisalat -Mobileblaze, Glo-globis, Airtel -their personal plan…. the choice is yours…. if Glo bis stop working i rather port to MTN -obibrow

  7. pls prof i sent u mesage earlier i did factory settings and my phone is showing invalid imei on my s4 mini and since then i cant call or receive message or download i can only browse i cant change my network to 3g

  8. YOMI PROF u 'r reali doing a great jab over
    here.. bt i 've not bin able 2 change MY

  9. Prof yomi, pls help me out. I've sub wit all bb subscription on my htc s phone still non is browsing on it. I've used airtel,glo,n mtn but my htc can't browse. I did airtel bb subscription for one week a day bfore yesterday but not browsing till now. Am so fustrated with dis htc, I really nd ur help on to use my htc to browse on any network, thanks in advance

  10. Sir.i have a problem with my tecno h5.the screen of the the phone will just off while the phone is on the volume key and the power key will be Woking as wel but the screen will be black.the home key,option key and exit will show light. Until I remove the battery and put it back. Pls what's wrong with my phone.does it brick or not?

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