Infinix X600 Note 2 Now Available For Grab

The crazy super fast monster device, size able and can last you for 2 days without charging is now available for grab.

With dual IC-charge design, NOTE 2 has dual engine to charge in a flash. Also, NOTE 2 combines next-gen charging technology with ATL

heavy duty batteries. Come to join the faster and more reliable charging experience. Under room temperature conditions (25℃),
15 min charges 1000mAh for up to 8 hr of talk time; 60 min charges up to 97% and 90 min is a full charge.

Are you still wondering what is going on? NOTE 2 rear camera adopts PDAF phase-focusing technology. It takes only 0.25s for NOTE 2 to focus automatically without touching the screen, which is 100% faster than HOT NOTE, largely increasing focus speed for faster picture taking. Seize the moment, capture life in its fullest. Besides, NOTE 2 camera module utilizes Stack and Samsung ISOcell technology to enable greater resolution. Significantly enhanced light intake and sensitivity yields clear photographs even

under low-light conditions.

The version available is the 1GB 16GB version. Hurry because it will soon be out of stock. Price #30,500
Buy it here

Are you using it already? Tell us your experience.

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32 thoughts on “Infinix X600 Note 2 Now Available For Grab”

  1. mr yomi, am using infinix hot 2, I my ROM got stocked but with the help of ur post I was able to rectify it, have change the ROM to the factory ROM, I think 5.1,, I wanted to change it back to the ROM that came with d phone but Dont know the process, I have the rar file but Dont know how to go about it. plz I need ur help concerning that.

  2. Prof pls do u no of anyone who has purchased a cell phone from gearbest and have successfully gotten d phone delievered to him or her? Is it safe? Will i get wat i ordered for from gearbest? Cos dont want to throw away my money since infinix has choosen to misbehave with the note 2

  3. prof, help me ooo, i ordered for 3 headphones from jumia 3 weeks ago and they r yet to deliver, and i paid online. i have made complain tire, and i wan to go home for christmas this wednesday. what should i do? i track it and its still on a place since

  4. prof. the redmi note 3 is lacking sdcard slot isnt it?
    secondly, this gearbest how good are they?
    lastly what will be the naiara equivalent of the redmi note 3


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