Why Are You Not Using USB Multimedia Speaker on you SmartPhone?

So I decided to play around with my desktop mobile device yesterday and it actually amazed me with an unbeatable long lasting battery capacity. I connected LIVE to #TheExperience10 from 10:00pm for live streaming with a full charge and disconnected 5am having left 70% battery. Meaning it only used 30% of the battery for 7hours uninterrupted live streaming; while my other pocket friendly device died and wake up for just been active on Twitter. HT6 rock like thunder but the I frown at the weight.

Back to the topic, who has heard of USB multimedia speaker? It will blow your mind, and open your eyes just like the way the eyes of Adam and Eve was open in the garden.

USB Multimedia speaker is a portable mini speaker design for smartphones. If you are a lover of music, movies or you love to stream, then I’ll recommend this USB multimedia speaker. It amplifies your device sound making it sound like as a real speaker.

I connected mine and It was just as if I was physically present live at House on the Rock with full bass. The sound was just too sweet.

Where can I get tired?
Before you get it, make sure your device support OTG cable. You can get it from Jumia here or Konga.

Price – From N2,500 and above.

Are you already using it? Tell us your experience.

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