Exclusive – Join Me in Unboxing Doogee HomTom HT6 4G Phablets

I can tell you that this
device is an absolute hammer… It can actually break coconut, you can use it to
represent an hammer. This order was sent November 8th 2015, and it
arrived 26th of November 15. Which means that it took just 18 days
to get to my location from gearbest. This device can last you for 7days without charging.

Join me in unboxing HomTom

The pack is actually colorful
and beautiful as if you just bought a wedding ring for your unavoidable sugar.

I opened and see what I found, a detachable charger, OTG cable and this sexy hammer device. And I was wondering why it didn’t come with hear piece.

 So i decided to open it and it was some how heavy in my hands but looks and feels stronger.

The sim port and memory card is by the side. Dual micro sim support. Unfortunately, you have the option to either use 1 micro sim and SD card or 2 microsim without SD card.

On powering on, the first thing you’ll see is HomTom display>>and then options to set up your device.

Device info

Came with 16GB internal memory, with 2GB Ram

Another thing I love about this device is its supports for gesture motion… so sweet

Picture Quality – It came with back camera 8.0MP (SW 13.0MP) with flashlight and auto focus + front camera 2.0MP (SW 5.0MP)

The picture quality is not bad at all, so sharp.

Battery Capacity – Came with 6250mAh battery and it can last you for good 7 days without charging with supports for OTG reverse charging.

It supports 2G, 3G and 4G. 

On Gearbest, its goes for $122.99 (N27,057) but this version of mine, I’m willing to sell it, if you are interested in getting it, just pm me. It will go for Just N22,000.

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22 thoughts on “Exclusive – Join Me in Unboxing Doogee HomTom HT6 4G Phablets”

    • It all depends. This one is 5.5inches, Note that is 6inches. This device battery is better than note2 but my d only limitation I'm not quite confortable with is d weight of ht6. It's a little bit weightier.

      I luv 5inches device that is much lightier.


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