See Infinix Upcoming Smartphone That Feature A Fingerprint Scanner

 I stumbled upon an upcoming
smartphone Infinix is set to release via a user @adebayooye on nairaland, and
it comes with a finger print scanner… first of it kind. The smartphone is sleek
and eye catching,  its the first from Infinix to feature a bio-metric protection.

With a device like this, first of its kind from Infinixmobility brand, I’m pretty sure it will feature a monster spec, monster battery
and I can’t really say if the price will leak my pocket. Spec and name of this
device is still kept in the dark but will be unveil as soon as it sees the
See the pictures below.

IMAGE CREDIT: @Adebayooye
What do you thing?
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9 thoughts on “See Infinix Upcoming Smartphone That Feature A Fingerprint Scanner”

  1. it will be cool but they are not innovative, also they are following the conventional method of finger print reader at the back of the phone below the camera, innovation is what keeps the big brands going, if they want to play in the big leagues they will have to step up to dance to the music


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