Removable VS Non Removable Mobile Battery, Which Do You Prefer?

Phone geeks must have been wondering why suddenly Phone
manufacturers switched to non-removable battery. Some of us don’t really like
the facts that most smartphones company now produces non removable battery
devices. I’ve been privileged to interact with different individual regarding
their choice of smartphone and majority of them prefers removable while some
don’t really care.

You’ll notice that the use of Universal charger is gradually
going out of the market and being replaced with Power banks because most
devices now have inbuilt battery.
Personally, I don’t like devices with inbuilt battery
because when it eventually lags you have to wait for the battery to run down
before you can restart it (what if your device is like that of Ouikitel K10000
whose battery can last you for 10days without charging, meaning you have to
wait for 15days before you restart it?)
. What if you device fall into water or
hot pepper soup, how will you dry it if you can’t remove the battery? That may
be the end.
*Removable battery is easy to replace
*It is easy to Hard Restart
*Phones with inbuilt battery are slimmer and lighter with
unibody design
Manufacturers don’t want you to tamper with the battery and
integral part of the phone that is why they keep producing non removable
battery devices. 
Over to you… Tell us your experience with removable and not
removable battery smartphones you’ve used before and which do you prefer?
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30 thoughts on “Removable VS Non Removable Mobile Battery, Which Do You Prefer?”

  1. I actually prefer removable because when my phone hang there is an easy solution, but then due to corrupt people who do remove ones battery when you charge in public places i prefer non removable. . . All in all i'll chose non removable.

  2. Who with non removable battery can be forced shutdown by pressing the power button for a some few seconds this is the experience I have with all the non removable battery phone have used.
    So guys don't be scared if hanging, you can still force shutdown the phone at any point in time.

  3. I use a device with a non-removable battery and I prefer it to phones with removable batteries..
    Because the authenticity of the battery is guaranteed no story of ikeja switching your battery..
    For the hanging issue, whenever my phone starts to lag, it restarts on it own.. No long talk..

  4. Infact i will never use non removable battery again, i regret using Tecno L7 even when u press d power button until d phone is desd by itself it wont off wen it's having problem.

  5. Most new Smartphones with better specs now come with unremovable battery. And there is nothing one can do about it. Although you can still remove and fix the ba3 back but its highly recommended not to try it.
    I also noticed that these type of phones hardly freezes but whenever it does, you can simply bring it back to life by long pressing on the power button for 11 seconds. Some phones also come with reset button at the rear.
    Commenting from WizyTechs.Com"

  6. My frnd entad his s6 edge in dwnload mode mistakingly yle bootin his fone, he had 2 wait 4 d ba3ry 2 die b4 chargin & bootin d fone again, ther wz no computer 2 restart d fone wit usin any android tool buh for my note 3, i will jst remove d battery, put it back, on it & start using.. 2ndly, most inbuilt ba3ry fone has dia sim/sdcard slot by d sides dt som1 can easily tamper wit dem @any chance seen.. Inbuilt ba3ry fones nt for me…

  7. Removable battery has a lot of advantages just as u mentioned. but the none removable battery always hav a beautiful design than removable. the reason is because, removable battery Always have a design to have removable back cover. but none removable battery can be designed anyway they like.

  8. Non-Removable Battery is the Best!!!

    Awesome, slick design.

    If ur phone dey lag just reboot am. Instead of waiting forever for its baterry to drain.

    The temptation of using universal charger(desktop) to charge the phone is out of it. U tends to use the right charger all the time and this boosts battery life.

  9. Lemme tell you something some of you guys dont know. Most non-removable batteries are good. I agree with that, but the more a battery charges, the more it deteriorates. What happens when the inbuilt battery begins to run out of juice? Maybe when you bought the phone new, it last for a whole on 3G but now it begins to last for just 3-4hrs after a year or two. You won't be able to change the battery and if you want to, Carlcare will charge you close to 20K just to change it (I have a friend with this issue onon his infinix zero). I'll advice you all to go for removable battery which you know can be easily changed. Lots of phones are out there with 4000MAH removable battery. Even more than that.

    • I'm telling you…. You spoke my mind.. …with my removable battery….. I can even carry 2 xtra ba3 4 wallet sef than carrying my big power bank…. Imagine if the non removable battery starts having voltage drop…. What will you do?….. I stand with removable till tomorrow….. ?

  10. Removable battery is better coz of cases like phone hanging n need to change a battery coz of weakness etc
    I will personally go for a removable battery device over a non removable battery device though most devices with monster battery capabilities come as non removable battery devices

    Commenting from Nerddict Tech

  11. I hate non-removable ba3 just lyk my own case when my tecno 7c got ba3 prob I returned it to tecno office afta I collected it d ba3 was worse than before d ba3 keeps draining by it self when not in use,since then I hate tecno device


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