Why Can’t I Trust MTN? Data Zapping Continues…

In as much as MTN is trying all they can to win their
customers back, they shouldn’t be using dubious means to defraud data
subscribers… I’m aware they’ve been trying by all means to release cheap data
plans but to every cheap data plans, lies a price tag secretly attached to it
without you knowing.

Glo data plans are extremely cheap but the price tag attached to it, is slow
motion connection. A times it can take you ages of connecting, disconnecting, and
reconnecting before it will fairly gain stability for some couples of minutes
before it disconnect again.
MTN 1.5GB and 3.5GB is not what they claim it is. I have
tested both plans and it appears 1.5GB is just 800MB and 3.5GB is just 1.6GB
because both subscription finishes within days and not even  weeks without
downloading. I decided to keep mute maybe it’s my prostitute MTN sim that has
the fault; not until when I over heard all manner of complaints from clients and
fellow readers of the same issues.
MTN, why give us an egg with your right hand, and collect
a chicken with your left hand? This is not just at all.
Who have subscribed to any of these two packages? Does yours
Zap or the data charges are normal? Kindly let us know.
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55 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Trust MTN? Data Zapping Continues…”

  1. I have checked heaven and earth to see which applications my Samsung note 3 has been downloading but found none. My own data disappear completely plus my credit. Yomi we need another alternative to this. Glo is definitely not an option. EmptyThieves

  2. The prof can you please help me Sir with Nova launcher prime apk, all the one I see online seems like bug or virus inclusiv, plz help me

    • EFCC should probe you self.. . How in the first place to you place order for 10k data in this era of buharization?

  3. It zaps like the speed of light. I subscribe for the 1.5gb but I only used 321mb of it And MTN wiped the rest . I was able to know this cos my phone has data monitor . Going back Airtel or Glo

  4. You guys wont believe i streamed for just 3mins and lo and behold, 78MB has been exhausted, is this really good or dubious of eMpTy heN? Iono watz d qualm wit dem, must dey dupe people?
    Or are we the one that slammed them with Fine? Arrant Nonsensical nonsense!

  5. Guys,why don't you all just call ncc number and tell them.maybe if there are many complaints,something will be done.

  6. I still hate mtn. Imagine I went to mtn office to port one of my important number and they said I must bring international passport or driving license. but I only went there with voters card and national Id card. the people are just foolish. But I used just voters card when I port to Glo.

  7. I can neva leave oo dey are simply d best God will forgive mtn and airtel u guys should try d Etisalat new plan it's same price wit d mtn n forget abt mtn but as for me GLO WITH PRIDE

  8. Thats why we resellers remain the best. Our 1GB is the real 1000MB no mago mago like mtn 1.5gb that actually 750MB. To get real 1GB @ N1,100 valid for 30days from AY SME Data Solutions call/whatsapp- 08167633956 *Airtel & Glo also Available*

  9. I thought my zapped not until I kept on calling them to notify them of the speed at which my data got emptied, then I was told am having 2.6gig or so.. Then I checked with 2 to 131 only to see that my data as been moved to nite plan. You guys shd check to see if it was wipped or moved to nite plan as well. Kept calling them to move it back buh then they said they are working on it

    • What is a lie? that mtn zap or Airtel? you must be a new commer in Nigeria. Are you sure its not Java phone you are using? Nokia C5? Just be sincere…

  10. Mtn I just hate this network even the so called night-browsing is from 12am-3:30 and not 4:00am as they said

  11. to it doesn't zap lik dat. i subscribed 4 d 1.5gb after 5 days it jst vanished lik a speedstar, i called CC dy said my remaining data will given bak b4 or after 24hrs, dat is a system error, d CC said so many ppl have called n complained too. after several hours i got my data bak..
    4 dose of u complaining of data zapping while not use dir 9ite plan to download & use ur normal data to surf n chat during d day… coz dats d way I'm using mine folks

  12. Was surprised when i exhausted the rubbish 3.5gb within 4 days. MTN since this strategy didnt work for Airtel and Glo, just get ready to loose your customers.

    A for me, i just jejely go subscribe Airtel Bis 3gb for 1k. And thats what i've been using on both my Android and PC via Hotspot.

  13. I really don't agreed with all these comment of zapping data or whatever you all name it. I sub for $2000 of 3.5GB on my iPhone. I have data meter on my iPhone that monitors data I use daily. It's all OK and no zapping experience. All those third party reseller trying to advertise cos it looks like they going dead day-by-day.

  14. Meter ko Meter ni. How comes na only ur own no get issue. u must be JUDAS. MTN DATA FROM RESELLERS is always the best. it last. Some People can not even finish 1GB (From data resellers) in a month becos it zapps slowly. To order for yours, call/Watsapp Kelvin 07034796838

  15. Guys i wanted to do the as usual 12:00 to 4:00 midnight mtn plan so i slept early at night and work up 3:30 hoping to get some things downloaded on my device cuz of the mtn 3G service here after subscribing i realise that it's not going through….. I rebootd my phone three times still having hope buh later went hope less…. Pls is there any one who has experienced such ????

    • Actually I did had similar problem with Mtn night 500mb… Next time go to your APN settings, select your APN type to default only… Leaving wap,AI etc. It will start. Hope it helps?

  16. Something tells me this is a cheap marketing stunt by data sellers seeing there are defeated. If at all data feels less than subscription, it's usually by a small margin, not the ridiculous stories these marketers will have us believe.
    Human beings never change.

  17. In as much as this networks might be Zapping our data, most of us still browse very loosely. We all use high end phones this days and you don't even need to download before exhausting a good amount of data.
    Here's a few tip u can use to minimize data consumption I got from a nairaland user
    Go to your phone's settings and restrict background data and switch off auto-sync. Use 3G strictly for downloading and streaming, and Edge for browsing. You can also switch off images from your browser from time to time, especially when visiting websites with heavy media footprints.
    You will be amazed how long just 10mb will last you, i.e., if you are only browsing, not to talk of 6Gig. And when you download a 100mb movie for example, 100mb is what will be deducted from your balance. You will no longer have to deal with the headache of downloading a 70mb stuff but ending up instead with a deduction of 100mb.
    And last but not the least, beware of play store. It's an mb drunkard( due to it's many icons and images).

  18. Sipping my juice, bro I use Airtel 3gig for 1k in day time while I use Mtn night 500mb #25 for download and to update my apps, since Airtel Nigeria has changed their night plan to suit the ogas at the top.

  19. Ah have been keeping mute since cos ah was actually thinking that am the only one experiencing it. Buh ah thank God today for the kind of comments ah have seen here now.
    And ah can't tell if airtel is even more righteous than MTN nowadays wen it comes to lying.

  20. It is more than data zapping: 3.5GB all day plan was converted to night plan and the data disappeared 1GB for N500 is like Chibok Girls. EmptyHen always acts dubiously


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