Easiest Way to Detect Fake SD card Before You Fall Victim

If you’re a digital camera or gadget enthusiast you are probably aware that it can be difficult to know if your SD card is actually authentic. Counterfeit memory cards have now spread throughout the marketplace.

Packaging on the cards can make it difficult to distinguish a fake SDcard from the real thing. Have you wondered why your Photos keep disappearing? Have you been in a situation where you pay heavily to get a 62GB SDcard, only for you to discover that it can only take 8GB files?

SD card

I’ve had some unpleasant experiences getting an SD card of 32GB only to discover that the available space was just 4GB.

But relax, I’m going to show you how to detect fake SD card before buying it.

How to Detect Fake SD card?

SD Insight: The packaging on SDcards can make it difficult to distinguish a fake SD card from the real thing. But with SD insight, you can easily get that done.

SD Insight is a free, fast and easy-to-use mobile application to view SD card manufacturing details, original size and lot more.

SD card

Insert an SD card into your phone and in seconds your SD card information is displayed in a simple format.

How Does it Work?

  1. Download SD Insight from Google Play store
  2. Insert an SDcard into your Android cell phone. (Note: You may need to turn off your cell phone to do this).
  3. Launch the SD Insight application. In seconds, your SDcard information will be displayed in an easy to understand format on the cell phone’s screen.
  4. You can see information such as manufacturer’s name, date of manufacture, product name and serial number.

Click the Menu button to see more detailed information about your memory card.

  1. If you have more than one memory
    card in your device, you will also be able to see details for each of the
    memory cards.
  2. You can also view validation of the SDCard against its class rating for the minimum data transfer rate (e.g. Classes 2, 4, 6 and 10)

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26 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Detect Fake SD card Before You Fall Victim”

  1. Wow , Prof that’s really nice. I just fell prey to one of such incident of recent. I have followed ur blog for more than 3 years now, during the era of free browsing cheats and you have never let down your standard. I must commend you sir. I have always been more of a reader than commentator. ……lol.

  2. This very helpful..the rate at which fake sd card are every where make me fear and still with one have been using for years. I remember I bought 16gig from slot and it got spoiled after 5days

  3. Very handy information. I have been lucky at least not to fall prey of fake SD cards but am sure gonna bookmark for further referencing.

  4. Thanks for this info prof… I bought a 16gb SD card from Jumia sometime last year and the card kept deleting content on it own.

  5. I’ve had this app installed on my phones for about three years. Never for once have I fallen victim of a fake/substandard memory card

  6. I’ve never fallen prey to this and I just pray I don’t. it’s really sad to pay for A and be getting Z. I’ll remember this post when I wanna get a new SD card

  7. Great post, Prof but how can we not fall prey into buying fake SD cards since you have to insert it into your ohone before testing on the app? Who will give u such an opportunity to test before buying?

  8. Good job prof, but just checked in Google play store and my Samsung s7 edge is not compatible. So I can’t download it. :'(

  9. I remembered when i bought a fake, i was so upset about it i stopped using sd card for close to two years until i got an original one.


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