PAYU on MultiChoice DStv Can Never Work

If TStv didn’t fail in fulfilling their promises, MultiChoice CEO won’t be spewing this chew gum statements.

But TStv failed in every way and sincerely, I’ve giving up on them. MultiChoice CEO said Subscribers wish to pick up only the channels they watch across Africa cannot work.

For instance, Paying for only Super Sport where Laliga and EPL games is being held cannot work… Why?


According to him, The model, has failed because subscribers ended paying more for the same number of channels available to them… and it is the reason why MultiChoice bundles television packages in a few bouquets.

In other words, PAYU on Multi Choice DStv is a dream that will never see the limelight.

Meanwhile, TStv has gone into hiding with their decoders after several months of bragging… No decoder, no Dish, no Dexterity, no nothing. This is what I called the definition of iberiberism.

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22 thoughts on “PAYU on MultiChoice DStv Can Never Work”

  1. Maybe Tstv don’t have money to fund their Business or maybe DSTV has bewitched them. I feel for them sha, but those who have their decoder are still using it for free. I just wish DSTV can allow us to pay for only channels we prefer but their are thief

  2. That “iberiberism” part makes me laugh. That’s the problem of startups in this country, they begin operation with so much energy and enthusiasm, continuing now becomes a problem, many of us are also victim of such. However i believe PAYU will still work in this country in the digital TV industry, maybe not now.

  3. Are you guys still hoping that Tstv will fulfill all their boasting. As for DSTV, the problem with them is more about the monopoly they have I the industry.. It the same rubbish that MTN and AIRTEL said about per second billing until GLO came showed that they were all liars.

  4. Is not like the don’t have the money, the are still working on something big. Besides there some debts which the are settling but international and local. Soon the will be out.

  5. I still really don’t understand what happened with the coming of TSTV. one moment it was all in our faces and the next it was like they never existed or so

  6. well, I’ve given up also. God knows what they’re facing while keeping making promises on a project they couldn’t succeed.


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