TStv Jolly Decoder Price Unveiled

I want to believe TStv is not going to fail us this time. Today is 28 November and the only tweets they’ve tweeted so far is the price of Jolly Decoder.

Few weeks ago, the PayTV operator took to social media to announce 28th Nov as the official sales day of its premium decoder and that all channels will be encrypted from 11:50PM of Nov 27.

Today is 28th of November and all we know so far is the price.

Features of Jolly Decoder

-PVR Function

-Full HD

-USB 2.0 port

-Full EPG function

-15 secs boot time

-Smart Card slot

-Sim Card slot (for easy migration to Dexeterity function)

-Recording and time shift simultaneously

-Recording and playback with external USB

-HDMI and AV output

-8 favorite channel group

-UHF 21-69 RF modulator Output which is ideal for DTT

-Multicast embedded functions


-Compatible with 4G networks.

Jolly decoder and accessories will go for N10,500 in all 36 states. No words yet from the paytv operator with regards to the dealers outlet, but I heard its already selling in Enugu and some designated places.

My point is, they shouldn’t fail us this time. Let us know once you get your own.

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