Video: Xiaomi Redmi 6 Repeatedly Cracks Walnut & Survive

This is how strong affordable Xiaomi Redmi 6 is, it repeatedly cracks walnut without a single scratch.

Can your Android phone do this?

xiaomi redmi 6

A short video clip showing the Redmi 6 being used to crack open three walnut seeds was shared by Xiaomi’s president Lin Bin. Watch the video below.

The Redmi 6 is a budget smartphone and according to the launch details it features a 5.45-inch IPS LCD display. There is no Gorilla Glass on top, neither does the device have a 2.5D glass screen. So, the survival of the screen could be pointing at a more durable display panel.


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25 thoughts on “Video: Xiaomi Redmi 6 Repeatedly Cracks Walnut & Survive”

  1. This will be a great buy for gals that always drop ? their phones. I wondered Xiaomi put Mtk instead of the power efficient Snapdragon 625 in Redmi 6.

  2. Let them do drop test and let’s see d heights it can survive, this is a better test of screen durability . This walnuts cracking is just a marketing gimmick, don’t be deceived!! ?

  3. You all suppose to know this is just marketing strategies. Nothing more. Otherwise, i bet the phone won’t even survive one walnut crack.

  4. Marketing strategy. can’t and won’t use my phone purposely to crack anything, even if the phone is competing with a hammer ?

  5. Story.. Make them bring the phone make I use am take crack palm kernel, na that time we go know how strong the phone really is.

  6. Xiaomi should stop using walnut to test there smartphone screen and focus on using palm nut?lets see how durable and strong it is?


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