MultiChoice Showmax 2.0: Migrating All Subscribers to Peacock

Get ready for a streaming revolution! Showmax is taking the entertainment world by storm as it embarks on a major upgrade. Brace yourself for Showmax 2.0, the epic relaunch set to kick off on February 12.

In an electrifying move, Showmax is teaming up with the powerhouse Peacock platform to provide an unparalleled streaming experience. Starting from January 23 to February 12, existing customers will be seamlessly migrated to the cutting-edge Peacock platform, now proudly known as the new Showmax foundation.

Showmax 2.0

CEO Marc Jury spilled the beans, promising stability and an enhanced customer journey. The new Showmax is not just a facelift—it’s a complete makeover with a spanking new app, a fresh look, and a content portfolio that will leave you speechless.

Hold onto your seats, football fanatics! Showmax is unleashing the ultimate treat for English Premier League enthusiasts with the first-ever standalone mobile plan. For just R69 a month, catch all 380 live games and witness the magic unfold on your screens.

But that’s not all! Showmax is making waves with additional plans for customers across 44 African countries. Dive into the Showmax Entertainment on mobile for R39 a month or opt for the multi-device Showmax Entertainment plan, now available at a discounted price of R89 per month.

Wait, there’s more! The exclusive mobile bundled offering of Showmax Premier League and general Showmax Entertainment is up for grabs at an unbeatable R99 a month. CEO Marc Jury is on a mission to connect Sub-Saharan Africa to their passion points with affordable pricing.

Get ready to score big with the Showmax Premier League—a game-changer that brings the football you love right to your fingertips. With over 450 million smartphones in Africa, Showmax is making the Premier League pocket-sized and pocket-friendly.

Africa, rejoice! The Premier League CEO, Richard Masters, hails Showmax’s initiative, putting the magic of the Premier League in your pocket at an irresistible price point. Don’t miss out on millions more joining the league of avid fans, thanks to this groundbreaking Showmax initiative!

But that’s not all – Showmax is turning up the heat with a whopping 21 new Showmax Originals hitting the screen in February alone! Get ready to be blown away by groundbreaking stories that are uniquely African and undeniably cool.

And it’s not just local vibes – the international lineup is a blockbuster extravaganza! Buckle up for the latest Fast & Furious installment, “Fast X,” and dive into the whimsical world of Wes Anderson’s comedy-drama, “Asteroid City.” Need more? How about getting hooked on the intense procedural drama “The Irrational” starring the incredible Jesse L Martin, or laugh your heart out with the Peacock original comedy series, “Killing It.”

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