Kwese Satellite TV shutting down Permanently in Africa

Zimbabwe’s Econet Wireless Ltd. will shut its African pay-TV unit due to the country’s economic condition and shortage of foreign currency, group Chief Executive Officer Douglas Mboweni said.

We regret to announce the discontinuation of the Kwese TV Satellite Service with effect from August 5, 2019.

The service was offered to our customers by our sister company Econet Media.

We regret to end this service, which thousands of Zimbabweans had embraced and welcomed into their homes and offices as a viable, alternative source of news, sport and entertainment.

The third party content providers, on whose content we rely, require payment in foreign currency. With the prevailing economic condition in Zimbabwe, and the current business operating environment – characterized by an acute shortage of foreign currency – sustaining Kwese and Kwese Satellite Service was no longer viable.

Kwese TV Satellite Service

Econet Media Ltd. operates in more than a dozen countries under the Kwese brand and is owned by Zimbabwe’s richest man, Strive Masiyiwa. Last month the company went into voluntary administration and appointed accountants Ernst & Young to manage the process as it pays its creditors.

Zimbabwe stopped recognizing the U.S. dollar, South African rand and other foreign currencies as legal tender in June as it tries to curb black-market trading that’s contributed to surging inflation.

Kwese Social media handle has been dormant since June without any form of activities. This is a reminder that business should think twice before competing with MultiChoice DStv.

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8 thoughts on “Kwese Satellite TV shutting down Permanently in Africa”

  1. I’m not surprise that Kwese is shutting down, after all their content is empty even though they partnered with iFlix earlier on. Their content is boring like he’ll. I pity those who already have their giant satellite dish installed in their homes. They are not worth it.

  2. Lolz, tstv never unveil when they pack, dstv is something, their juju worked on netflix also only startime stood his ground, well at least for now


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