Netflix Challenges Showmax, Launches Cheap Mobile Only Plan in Nigeria, Kenya, Others

Movie lovers, Netflix is here to take your movie world to another new dimension most especially if you are in sub-Saharan Africa. Netflix has announced a new mobile-only subscription plan which is 50 – 60% lower than its basic subscription plan in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and other SSA countries.

Before the announcement, Netflix basic plan which cost N2,900 (USD $7) per month and was available to watch on a phone, tablet, computer, or TV in SD (480p) resolution; a Standard Plan priced at N3,600 (USD $9) per month that bumped the resolution to FHD; and a Premium Plan priced at N4,400 (USD $11) that allowed users to stream in Ultra HD (4K) and HDR.

Netflix mobile only plan

The new mobile plan costs N1,200 (USD $3) per month, about the same price as the cheapest monthly data plans offered by mobile network operators in the country. And also, the same price with Showmax.

The Netflix Mobile Plan works only on phones and tablets and the resolution is capped at 480p. Users will also be able to download movies offline and enjoy the new Play Partial Download feature that allows them to begin to watch a movie or episode before the download is complete.

This will seriously pose a challenge to showmax because when it comes to content, Netflix has more content than showmax, except the area of football and some reality tv shows available on showmax but not on Netflix.

For now, we don’t know if various telecom providers will design a data plan that suits this new mobile-only plan or not. At least for now, everybody can now watch Netflix.

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