Rubies Bank – If you are not using it, You are Missing a lot

Are you using Rubies banking app, the 100% digital banking? Well you are missing a lot if you are not using it.

Rubies Bank is a 100% digital bank with zero charges. Rubies Bank allows users to open an account and do their banking business without ever having to visit a physical bank.

Your account number is personalized so you can use your mobile phone or any other number you want, your bank statement comes by email, and of course, all your transaction notifications come by sms alert.

Rubies bank

Your debit card is free and it’s delivered to you by courier, and the name on your ATM card is also customized. Imagine your ATM card with your nickname on it. Rubies is FUN!

What Makes Rubies Different from Other Banks?

Bank charges: For interbank transactions, Rubies charges N10 (instead of N52 that traditional banks charge), this being the cost of the transaction payable to the switches, while Rubies earns nothing.

Zero Maintenance Charges: Rubies offers you zero maintenance charges unlike traditional bank that keeps deducting your cash in the name of maintenance charges.

Rubies have a Credit Score feature that helps you with a realistic assessment of your financial standing, a feature that is growing in popularity as a standard among users.

Your Earn Money as a Customer With Rubies

Rubies bring to the market a unique feature, which allows anyone, become an Independent banker otherwise known as iBanker. This means that if you are willing to run your own mini bank, Rubies serves as the platform for you to do that freely.

You simply on-board your own “banking customers” using your unique link and every time your customer does a transaction, you earn money. Rubies want everyone to take a piece of the pie.

Rubies is a Banking app on steroids. It provides banking functions much like any other banking solutions but it offers much more than most banking app.

  • Social Appeal – you interact with other users on Rubies and get alerted when your buddies join Rubies, Proximity feature allows you to see people around you. The look and feel is sleek, neat and appealing.
  • Money Market – this is where you make money either by investing or providing money to those who need it on loan. Rubies Credit score is growing in popularity as a standard.
  • Open Banking – API-based architecture of Rubies will give it the scale it yearns. Open banking architecture allows smooth integration with FINTECH companies, SMEs and other quasi-financial institutions while Rubies serves a layer-2 Clearing function.
  • Bank-as-a-service – Rubies Technology is available for use by any other financial institutions playing in Banking, Finance, Technology and FINTECH industries, thus offering bank as a service.

How to Begin

Download Rubies here for Android and iOS

How to Fund Your Account

Funding your Rubies bank account has never been easier! Here’s how to fund your Rubies account ∙ Fund via Transfer ∙ Fund via Cash Deposit ∙ Fund using a Debit Card

Highlights of Exclusive Features of Rubies

•Free Debit Cards

• Choose your account number

• Earn as you bank (Independent Banker)

• Cheaper transfer rates @ N10 instead of N52

• Zero maintenance charges

• No hidden fees

You get upfront reward for every person you refer who opens an account with Rubies too, and then pays you a commission on every transaction that your referrals make – FOREVER!

Are you not tired of bank taking your money any time you make online transactions?

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37 thoughts on “Rubies Bank – If you are not using it, You are Missing a lot”

  1. Can it transfer and Receive payment from commercial banks?
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    • Yomi Prof:
      1.Zoto disappeared with customers’ money.
      2.How is Rubies bank differed from Alat by Wema bank?
      3.Do you have Rubies bank email or Twitter/Facebook handle so that I can relate directly with them?
      4.Do them charge d evil N52.5 monthly Atm card maintenance fee ?

  2. The most important question is, how secure is it? With what Licence are they operating? Do they have any visible office? Among other questions

    • 💯 secured, Powered by High Street Microfinance bank, licensed by CBN. Here is there physical office:
      17 Akunbi Disu Eti Osa 3 Lagos NG, Phase 1 101241, Lekki.

      You should also check there social media handles to read more about them

  3. i want to transfer money into it using my Zenith bank app,

    Which bank will i use to do the transfer, because it not among the list of banks on mobile app.

    • Hello Lucky, an email on how to do that has been sent to you but here is a guide. From your Zenith bank app, choose Highstreet Microfinance Bank, put your Rubie account number and transfer. Rubie is powered by HMB

  4. Digital Banking is now becoming the thing, just as Alat started with Wema. Am seeing a disruption in banking soon. I bet GTBank, Access or Firstbank would want to come up with theirs soon.

      • Which bank are u using? Open ur bank app, pretend as if u want to send money to another bank, u will see highstreet microfinance among the Bank in the list . If u have registered with rubies already, type ur account number and it will display ur account number, so rubies is just the app name but it’s highstreet microfinance digital banking. U can’t see Any Bank without CBN lincense in ur Bank app. I verified this b4 funding.

    • Rubies is highstreet microfinance bank. U need to upgrade ur account after registration. And u need to have upto 3k in ur account b4 u can order for ATM card .

  5. Exactly my point

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  6. Thanks Prof for the update i checked them out and even called them on phone to get some extra info and i’m cool with with it..

    i applied for my atm last week will get it this week, made some transfers to see how it works and everything checks out..

    Thank You Prof You Rock Bro..

  7. I tried to send money from my rubies account to my gtbank account but it’s not responding, pls what could be the problem?

  8. Can one actually go to a partnering bank of yours to withdraw money. Similar to the way you can deposit money in a partnering bank

    • Hello Natasha,
      Rubies bank is a full digital bank, on completing your registration, you can request for a free ATM Verve card which you can use to withdraw your cash from any ATM point. You can as well transfer your cash to your normal bank account and withdraw.


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