China Rolls Out Close Contact Detector App for Coronavirus

In as much as people are dying daily to the deadly coronavirus disease, the china government is trying all they can to curb its spread by launching a contact detector app that will help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The smartphone app, dubbed the “close contact detector,” aims to let people know whether they are at risk of catching the disease based on if they have been in close proximity with someone who have it.


Close contact detector app lets users check their status by scanning a QR code using an app such as Alipay, WeChat or QQ. They will then be directed to enter their name and government ID number, and can check the status of three other ID numbers.

The app alerts you if you have come in close contact to people with confirmed cases, suspected cases or mild cases, including coworkers, people who share a classroom, people who live together, or passengers and crew members who may have been on the same flight or train as an ill person.

If the app determines a user has been in close proximity to someone who has or is showing symptoms of the virus, they will be instructed to stay at home.

The app’s requirement for ID numbers as raised some concerns with privacy critics.


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