Setting This Image as Wallpaper Will Crash Your smartphone

Those of you that like changing wallpapers of your smartphone, you should be careful because this particular image will actually soft-bricked your phone.

When your device is soft bricked, though it will show signs of life but won’t boot successfully or may display an error on the screen.

According to several users on Reddit and Twitter, the issue is caused by the color profile of the image, which exceeds the bounds of what Android can handle, causing a crash. This image is known to affect smartphones from Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, Xiaomi, and more, but have different effects on each of them.

The issue was recently revealed by a known leakster, Ice Universe, on Twitter. While Huawei handsets were reportedly not affected by this issue, DO NOT try this with your smartphone. If you do end up doing this regardless of all the warnings, expect to see a crash.

If you adamantly test it, restarting your device in safe mode (by holding down the volume button during boot-up) will not fix the issue.

The guys at Android Authority tested it on his Pixel 2 and he got a message saying the phone can’t boot and offered the option to try again (which I did with no luck) or factory reset the device.

Eventually, the factory resetting the device fixed it. You shouldn’t try this if you have such an image on your phone.

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10 thoughts on “Setting This Image as Wallpaper Will Crash Your smartphone”

    • Well, according to developers. the issue is with the
      color space of the image, which goes beyond what Android’s SystemUI can handle and causes a crash.

      Though the issue doesn’t occur on Android 11 as the picture is always converted to sRGB before it gets processed in any way.


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