Should we be Expecting 16GB RAM Smartphone From Xiaomi?

Rumors have it that Xiaomi is preparing to launch a smartphone that will comes with 16GB RAM in the Mi Mix category… but the rumor didn’t reveal the name.

Though we are already seeing smartphones with 12GB of RAMs and I can bet that so many smartphone users are still stuck at 4,6, and 8GB RAM. Except you have something exceptional you are doing with your smartphone, going for a higher RAM may be useless to some users.

Xiaomi 16GB RAM

As per the reports, the upcoming Mi MIX smartphone will have a design similar to the Mi MIX Alpha and the phone will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor along with 5G connectivity support. The device is said to be in the production stage.

Even though Nubia has already launched its flagship gaming phone with onboard 5G and 16GB RAM, Xiaomi on the other hand is warming up to join the league.

Remember that these are just rumors as it has not been officially confirmed by the company regarding the said smartphone with 16GB ram space. This may likely change in the future when but till then, stay tuned for more updates.

What will you do with a smartphone with 16GB RAM space?


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