OPPO Launches Hybrid Optical Zoom Technology

If you are familiar with OPPO products, you’ll know that they are popular for its excellent cameras. This week, the brand has introduced hybrid optical zoom technology to enhance its camera features.

The new camera is based on a periscope camera architecture that uses a seven-piece lens for better image results.

Sample shots using Oppo hybrid zoom technology

According to OPPO, technology will deliver a sharp, lossless image experience across all focal lengths and allow consumers to experience “what you see is what you get” photography.

  • Uses three groups of periscopic zoom lenses for a 7-lens total combination for superior optical performance and image resolution. The lens groups work together to adjust the focus.
  • Relying on the flexible movement of two of the groups, the technology achieves optical zoom at equivalent focal lengths of 85mm and 135mm.
  • Using f/3.3 and f/4.4 apertures, the groups fully utilize the optical capabilities of the lenses.
  • The large sensor incorporates Fusion, a multi-focal length image fusion technology, multi-camera field-of-view alignment technology, and super-resolution algorithms to deliver a focal length coverage of 85mm to 280mm.
  • The system includes a custom-designed 16-bit high-precision driver IC and corresponding auto-focus and optical stabilization modules.
  • The latest hybrid zoom system utilizes a 16:11 wide and large imaging sensor with a maximum output of about 32 million pixels.
  • With support for 4-in-1 pixel binning technology, the system enables full HD at both near and far distances and provides greater expansion potential for the development of wide-format and wide-angle imaging technology

Oppo’s new hybrid optical zoom technology will be expected on future smartphones. For now, no single word on when it will arrive on smartphones.

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