Ecobank Launches Virtual Prepaid Card for Online Payments

Ecobank has launched a virtual card, a digital payment solution for safe online payments, integrated into its digital banking channel, Ecobank Mobile.

The virtual card was rolled out in the recently released version of the Ecobank Mobile app which is available for download at the Google Play and App Stores.

Ecobank virtual card

According to a statement, all Ecobank current, savings, and Xpress account holders who are on-boarded on the mobile app can now access a virtual card for their online payment needs.

Here Are What You can do With The Virtual Card

  • You can use it for Online Payments
  • Share or create gift cards for loved ones
  • You can use it for Apple Music, Netflix or other online subscription

The Ecobank VirtualCard is prepaid and users simply fund each card with the amount they would like to spend online or gift someone else.

“This gives the cardholder the flexibility and control overspending. Users also receive an SMS and email notification for every transaction done which enables easy tracking of transactions.”

Access to the card is password protected and encrypted for user safety. Deleting or blocking a virtual card is very easy and can be done so at the touch of a button when logged into the Ecobank Mobile App,”

Ecobank is, “able to offer co-branded virtual gift cards to large e-commerce merchants which can be restricted for use on their websites or apps.

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6 thoughts on “Ecobank Launches Virtual Prepaid Card for Online Payments”

  1. The Virtual Card is almost useless,
    created one last year, funded it but I couldn’t use it for any local online transactions.
    Tried Jumia and Konga, no joy.
    Had to link it to my PayPal account, then selected PayPal as mode of payment before I could use it on Jumia which attracted extra fee

  2. Thanks Prof atleast this one is better it’s coming from a reputable bank, not those ones you get from websites that can give you headache.☝?


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