Are You Still Not Using Rubies Digital Banking? You are missing alot

It is like some of you still don’t understand that Rubies bank is hassle-free and 100% digital banking… There are no crazy or unnecessary charges when you bank with Rubies.

If you have not yet onboarded the Rubies train, then I can confidently say you are missing a lot on rubies. If you have onboarded but you are not making use of your account, then you are missing a lot.

Rubies bank

With Rubies, you get to choose your own bank account number, get Free Debit Card delivered to you, no hidden charges or maintenance fee, cheaper transfer rates @ N10 to any bank. Your account number is personalized so you can use your mobile phone or any other number you want, your bank statement comes by email, and of course, all your transaction notifications come by SMS alert.

Benefits of Using Rubies Digital Banking

•Free Debit Cards

• Choose your account number

• Earn as you bank (Independent Banker)

• Cheaper transfer rates @ N10 to any bank

• Zero maintenance charges

• No hidden fees

How do I Begin

Download Rubies app here for Android and iOS

If you are already part of this new age revolution it’s time to request for your Free Debit Card.

How to Request for Your Free ATM Card

To get a free master card delivered to you, you’ll need to upgrade your account which won’t take you up to 5 minutes and you are done.

Step 1: Log in to your account and click on Cards, Request for a Free Debit Card,

Step 2: Enter your BVN number

Step 3: Take a selfie of yourself or upload one if you have it already on your smartphone

Step 4: Enter your house details where you want the card to be delivered to you

Step 5: Upload your Valid ID card (e.g driver’s license, voters card, International passport, or national id card)

Step 6: Upload a picture of your Signature and hit the complete button…

Once you are done, your free debit card will be processed and sent to your location.

Let us know if you are already using it and if you have gotten your Free Debit Card using the comment.

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23 thoughts on “Are You Still Not Using Rubies Digital Banking? You are missing alot”

  1. The question is, how can one deposit? If its through bank, then whats the essesnce of putting money in your bank only to transfer it to rubies?

  2. I have been using the rubies bank and i have people registered under me as an independent banker yet I don’t earn even on their transactions. I wonder what am doing wrongly

    • You can check from your dashboard if they are actually carrying out transactions. If they don’t you won’t earn. If they do and you don’t earn, then something is wrong. I ‘ll suggest you send them a DM on Twitter and the issue will be sorted out.

  3. I am currently using kuda and im really enjoying it. Free transfer to 25 people every month. Free debit card. I registered with rubies and it’s 25 naira per transfer.

    • Alat is being run like traditional banks. U pay all kind charges like N4/sms, N53.5 quarterly card maintenance fee, inter-banks transfer fee etc.
      Try Rubies, Kuda, or Carbon (Paylater) for almost free banking services.

  4. I’ve been using this bank for months now since I saw the post here, I must say, it’s convenient to use and I got my card delivered to me with my customise nickname. I’ve contact their customer service that I need master card even if its not free, I’ll pay.

  5. Hello. How does one earn interest on ones deposit?
    Going through the investment, I calculated that the interest rate of invested cash is 2%… can one get a better deal than this?

  6. I registered with your link and I have been struggling to upload my ID Card and utility bill. I have some money in my account already but I don’t think I will keep on using it if it takes longer to upgrade my account.


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