How is Glo, MTN, Airtel Network Speed in Your Location?

Some networks may be good; some may be average, and some may be poor depending on the location where you are currently. In my case, Airtel takes the lead.

Glo has been slow in my current location for a while now but with the introduction of the new Glo band on Band 3(1800), some smartphones can now have access to its 4G LTE network which will in turn make the network faster.

fast network

Before now, Glo has been pretty amazing with speed couple with their data that doesn’t seem to zap for me… but right now, it is not just slow, but very slow to get the job done.

The first thing I do each time I move to a new location is to use WhoFastPass to test which network is the strongest in that location before making any subscription to that network.

WhoFastPass lets you compare the best performing data networks in your home or office.

Call it an internet speed test app, but this one gives you more information like the best places to use a particular network not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole.

Where Can I Download the app

You can download the app here if you don’t have it. Install it and quickly run a check on the network available in that location.

We would like to ask you which network is currently doing the best in your location; and is Glo LTE currently displaying on your smartphone? Let us know your thoughts in the comment.

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8 thoughts on “How is Glo, MTN, Airtel Network Speed in Your Location?”

  1. Please I need help prof. I tried buying a power bank from AliExpress but apparently they don’t ship to Africa. I tried using Gearbest but adding my gtbank debit card to PayPal was always declined.
    Pls how can I actually purchase what I want

    • Hello Anthony,
      AliExpress ship to all parts of Africa including remote villages. Maybe the seller you chose to buy from doesn’t ship to your country of destination. I’ll suggest you choose form another seller and they’ll ship to your country. Secondly, using Gearbest, Not all GTbank card are accepted on PayPal. I’ll suggest you try another bank card.

  2. Glo Is Cheap and Fast Enough Here in Uyo Akwa Ibom especially when I use it my SOHO Router…problem is Just the Network signal Is not too strong in my area but with Router it’s quite Superb.Over all Best Here is MTN though

  3. 9mobile is No 1 here (It’s very reliable, unlike MTN & Airtel that may decide to
    frustrate one’s life with poor network sometimes) followed by MTN then Airtel. GLO carry last.


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