Just IN: Xiaomi is Now The Second Largest Smartphone Maker

According to the latest Global report of smartphone shipment for Q2 2021 indicating the top 5 smartphone shipments around the world.

The report stated that Xiaomi is now the world’s second-largest smartphone OEM. This brings it up one spot from the previous quarter. It’s the first time the company has held a spot this high. Apple shifted a slot to third place, while Oppo and Vivo maintained the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

Xiaomi smartphone shipments
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For years, Huawei occupied that second-place slot and even temporarily overtook Samsung for the number one slot in 2020. But, Huawei is nowhere to be found probably due to the ban.

Note that this is just an independent company report, we might have something different if other companies should publish theirs.

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2 thoughts on “Just IN: Xiaomi is Now The Second Largest Smartphone Maker”

  1. The ban alone is the cause of Huawei missing our, when you see yourself denied the opportunity to procure SoC as a manufacturer how do you remain competitive, that conspiracy against them was well elaborated but can only be short lived, Xiaomi enjoy while you can.


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