Facebook Introduces Account Center, Integrates Messenger, FB, and Instagram

Facebook is introducing a feature called Account Center, where users can quickly handle and control the various integrations between a user’s Facebook account, Messenger, and Instagram all in one place.

The new hub serves two purposes. One, it’ll benefit prolific posters, like brands and influencers who want to post the same content across their social profiles.

Facebook Account center

They can now do so automatically and on Facebook. Second, saving payment information makes it easier for people to shop on Facebook and Instagram.

How to Find the Account Center

The Account Center can be found in the settings in any of these three apps. From here you will be able to control various integrations like whether you want to share stories and posts across the three services, or if you want to activate Single-Sign on, which will let users quickly sign in to these apps if they are already logged in via any of the other two apps.

With the new Account Center, you have the option to sync changes to your name and profile photo across these three services. This can be done while keeping your identity tags separate too. And lastly, for users in the US, Facebook will be adding the ability to sync Facebook Pay information to the Account center too.

Facebook is still testing the feature so more control features may still be added.

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