Just In: The “New Windows” Launching Soon

It appears Windows is getting a new update soon called “New Windows”. According to reports here, a new version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system could be named “The New Windows” when it is announced to consumers in the coming months.

New windows

Earlier speculations reveal that this upcoming window refers to Windows 10X – an upcoming version of Windows 10 designed to deliver an entirely new set of features. New features like “A new Start Menu will feature in the software, comprising a dark, translucent box with icons arranged in a grid across its entire area.

A search bar is located at the top of the menu and, most notably, the entire menu and the icons in the taskbar below it are centered for easier accessibility on all devices.”

In other words, Windows 10X could be called “The New Windows” and may likely be announced in March, if the leak is accurate.

We await more updates from this in the coming weeks.

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