Just In: Netflix Venture in Gaming, Launch Two Mobile Games – Stranger Things

This is Netflix diversifying into gaming. Last year, the movie streaming site announced that it will venture into the mobile gaming industry, and that current subscribes will be able to enjoy it.

Today, Netflix has begun rolling out two mobile games to subscribers in Poland through the Android app.

Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3 were previously available on the Play Store, but the games are playable with no ads with a Netflix subscription.

Netflix took to their twitter handle to announce the launch of the game even though it is still in its early stage. According to the company, more work still need to be done.

Well, if you have Netflix app, you can access these game but you’ll still be directed to google play store to download it.

Here is What You Can Expect

No Ads

No in-App purchase

The game is included with your Netflix membership

Expect to see more updates in the coming weeks.

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