WhatsApp Now Supports Companion Mode

WhatsApp now allows beta users to link their accounts to a secondary phone and an Android tablet. The latest WhatsApp beta for Android – version brings companion mode which allows you to link a secondary phone to your primary account. WhatsApp lets you link up to four Android phones to your primary account and you get to access all the regular WhatsApp features and message encryption.

How to Activate Companion Mode

Users with the feature will see a “Link a device” option on the WhatsApp registration page on their secondary smartphone.

WhatsApp companion mode

That will generate a QR code they must scan using their primary phone’s Linked Devices section on WhatsApp.

Once this is done, WhatsApp will sync chat histories across the two smartphones while keeping end-to-end encryption intact.

The feature currently has the same limitations as multi-device on computers, with the secondary device unable to view live locations and manage broadcast lists and stickers.

The latest WhatsApp beta for Android also brings the ability to link an Android tablet. It is unclear when the feature will be available to users running the official stable versions of the WhatsApp app on Android and iOS.


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