The Wait is Over, Xiaomi Announces MIUI 14, Devices Getting it

The wait is over; Xiaomi has announced MIUI 14 android skin, alongside Xiaomi 13 series. The user interface of the new software is based on Android 13 and comes with plenty of visual changes, several new features, and improved cross-device collaboration.

The Chinese firm says MIUI 14 has a reduced firmware size compared to MIUI 13 and it arrives with an enhanced system architecture, for better performance and efficiency.



The latest MIUI 14 comes with a significant visual overhaul. The company has made changes to the icons and the overall UI. The icons are large and their size can be adjusted. In addition, there are also new widget formats and home screen folders, giving users more customization options.


MIUI 14 comes with a new MIUI photon engine, which runs on the underlying Android kernel. This will allow third-party developers to create smoother and more power-efficient applications.


The system memory footprints have been greatly reduced and now there are only eight apps that cannot be uninstalled. Xiaomi claims the fluency of the system has been improved by up to 60%. Not only system apps, but third-party apps also offer improved performance and efficiency.

New Features

The biggest feature of the MIUI 14 would be its small size. The total size of the firmware is just 13.09GB, which is very less compared to the previous versions of MIUI. There’s also a new app cleaning feature that will compress low-frequency applications and save only one copy of duplicate files.

The software also brings new notification management options. Users will now be able to close the resident notifications with just one swipe. Also, newly installed apps will require notification authorization.

AI Features

The UI can now extract text from images. Users can also press and hold the text on a Gallery image to instantly recognize it now. Up to 8 languages are supported. There’s also a live captioning feature for video conferences.

MIUI Interconnection

MIUI interconnection, two major interconnection centers, covering one billion devices. Connection is the foundation of the interconnection experience, this time, the new high-speed interconnection bus increases the speed of earphone discovery by 50%, the connection speed of mobile TV by 12%, and the speed of picture transmission during streaming is improved by 77%.

MIUI Interconnection

Family Service

MIUI14 brings new family service functions. Family account allows up to 9 people so that they can share services with your loved ones.

MIUI Family

There is shared cloud space. Gold and above members can share cloud space with independent data. There is also a shared photo album, and you can bring together family memories and set it as a family screensaver, said the company.

Devices Getting MIUI 14

As shared officially, the MIUI 14 rollout will begin in January 2023. The following devices will receive the update at that time:

    Xiaomi 12S Ultra

    Xiaomi 12S Pro

    Xiaomi 12S

    Xiaomi 12 Pro

    Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition

    Xiaomi 12

    Redmi K50 Pro

    Redmi K50 Extreme Edition

    Redmi K50 Gaming Edition

    Redmi K50

    Xiaomi MIX Fold 2

Secondary to the smartphones above, the company’s current tablet lineup will receive MIUI 14 in early April, however, with these devices outlined:

    Redmi Pad

    Mi Pad 5 Pro 12.4

    Mi Pad 5 Pro 5G

    Mi Pad 5 Pro

    Mi Pad 5


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