Mtn Magic Sim: Blazing Like Fire – You Can Still Activate Yours Today

Morning guys, this is just to inform you that the Mtn MagicSim is still working and faster than before. If you are not yet rocking this,
you are missing a lot. Come and join the club of the MAGICS! If you have done
yours before, you  can keep rocking it until
you are tied of downloading. And if you are still yet to activate yours, I will
sincerely and honestly urge you to do that.
You guys need to understand that, I  posted this tutorial here for free not
because I don’t know what I am doing but I love doing my thing  differently. Maybe in some forums, blogs
or  online directories they decided to
sell theirs and make it secret to the public. In life, we all have choice of
preference and please don’t blame me or 
accuse me for doing what I did publicly; I did it because I love the
public I serve. Even if Mtn decided to block the tweak today, I am fulfilled
because I already have

some testimonies even till this morning that it is working
and blazing like fire. The only thing remaining for me to do is to put an offering basket beside every post… lol!

Mtn Magic Sim
To my friends who have been unable to activate theirs,
Kadiri Wisdom posted this in one of the Magic Sim comment section, and I thought
it wise to bring it to the public.
He said “It’s working very fast and am even tired of
downloading. Last night, I downloaded files worth 5gb with torrent
So  if you still want
to activate yours, follow this steps according to wisdom Kadiri but the normal procedures is still working fine and fast.
Insert your sim into a torch light phone
Load #250 airtime
3.       send 2H to 131 and wait for a confirmation message, then remove the Sim
Off the phone for 24Hrs
Then send reset to  131, then send reset to 4777 again. After
that, you are good to go.
NB: Please if you try this procedures and your #250 is not deducted, it means you have not subscribed to anything. So follow the normal process of subscribing as posted here. Your #250 must be deducted please.
To all my Etisalat users who have been waiting for the
tutorial on how to browse on system, please still be patient with me; I want to
make sure that I didn’t give you guys tweak that is not working but I will
surely make it up to you. And to all the Glo users, I think it’s high time you
enjoy your own tweak or what do you think?

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189 thoughts on “Mtn Magic Sim: Blazing Like Fire – You Can Still Activate Yours Today”

  1. nice 1 bro..i will try dis procedure to c what happens
    @anonymous since yomi have nt reaply u? Let me help him out…so dat u can enjoy ur downloadin..u can download complete seasonal moveis from to check it out nd reply..tankz bro

  2. nice 1 bro.. i will try it now because i've already tried it but not working again.. so can i just remove the sim and continue using the phone with another sim for another operations or must i off the phone?

  3. Please note:

    1. Insert your sim into a torch light phone
    2. Load #250 airtime
    3. Dial *107# then remove the Sim
    4. Off the phone for 24Hrs
    5. Then send reset to 131, then send reset to 4777 again. After that, you are good to go

    *It means no subscription, because *107# cannot subscribe to 2hrs plan

    @yomiprof, will it work without the 2hrs subscription?

  4. thx bro.. but after loading the airtime am i going to send 2h to 131 before dialing *107#? and must it be a torch light phone? and must i off the phone or just remove the sim for 24hrs alone? i wait for your response

  5. tnx bro, but i hav some mbs left,given 2me via mtn pulse,can i stil subscribe or shld i wait til d mb gets exhausted? Also is it in d torchlight phone dat i wil send reset to 131 and 4777 or d main browsing phone? Tank u

  6. @Yomi…{then remove the Sim Off the phone for 24Hrs}after removed the sim from phone must person switch off only the phone off cos i dont get the above word…about the notification,when i tried the 2h bundle for the magic sim they didnt give me any notification but my #250 was deducted and it didnt work for the mtn magic sim..the question now is that will it work without givin any notification or not?last question is the former tutorial still workin or not?

    • The answer is this once you ascertain that you have received your 2hrs notifications, you can then follow the rest steps above. The former tutorial is still working well and fine. I posted this because someone sent it in the morning and because of the guys who have been unable to get theirs done. So give it a trial

  7. i just call customer care to activate it for me now..i av off d phone and removed d waiting for 24hours so dt i will put it in my modem and send reset to those two numbers…pls pray it works for me o !

  8. try dt method at your own risk….d method has been blocked..yomi is nt current..try it and say bye bye to your 250

  9. is't a must that I must browse with the sim, bcus I jst did my after subscribing i remove my sim waiting for 24hr would it still work ?

  10. pls am about to suscribe…i activated dis stuff around december/january…in ma own caase ma ba3 was low, i was surprise aafter sendin reset, it worked 4 a week and stopped…but i didnt call it a cheat…but guys now makin money wif it

    • If you have subscribed before and it stop working, no need of subscribing again. Just try and connect it back to ur pc and let's see if it will browse. My seperate sim is still browsing with d magic.

  11. my yomi.after the 24hours..should we put d sim straight inside a modem and sent those msg and start browsing or we should firstly put d sim in a phone and send d msg from d phone and browse wit the phone…pls reply

  12. its me Omotola, i subscribed on wednesday witout gettin any notification n my sim wasnt activated as magic sim. i jst subscribed dis night (11:24pm) using torch light phone n i got a notification of 2hours bundle. waitin till 11:30pm 2moro to send reset to 131 n to 4777. I jst hope this tin works for me dis time coz i've wasted N300 last week. I dont wanna waste anoda N300 naira.

    • Miss Omotola, i will advice you not to try this again if you hav'nt inorder not to waist your money again. Mine has stop working 13hours ago.

  13. Happy Nu Month Guys! Just want to Annouce to us that this tweak as been blocked! Mine stopped working barely 18hrs ago. If you have not subscribed for it, I will advice you not do subscribe. And should incase your own is still working, keep rocking it. Sorry for every inconvenience. I will keep you updated!

    • bro i activated a sim on the 3rd using 2h and 105 to 131 after 24hrs….i think its still working….am presently still testing…the only issue now is dt,,the 2h plan has refuse to expire for 48hrs now…

  14. My own is still working. It is not block. Today makes it six days I activated mine using the first method. Last night I downloaded a full season movie with the sim. You guys should check ur connection settings well. Kudos to Yomi!

  15. I want to thank Mr Yomi immensely 4 providing us this tutorial free. God bless abundantly. I wish u wel in all ur endeavours.

  16. @Omotola, and others, this tweak is still working. Mine is browsing with explicit speed.
    @Yomi, just like what the previous commenter said, change ur network to Edge; atimes network when it's on 3g may nt browse in some areas. Like where am currently residing in PortHarcourt, it does'nt work with 3g. I love ur all. This public Holiday will aid me in downloading throughout today with my magic Sim.

  17. guys wats happing to my magic sim?i av to connect and disconect many times for me to browse..who is experiencing dis also…

    • It is network. Mine even stopped working for good 20hrs. i just tried it now and that is what am using to post this replies. so if it connects and disconnects, remove your sim and insert back again.

  18. @yomi i used the second method and my sim is browsing but when i send 2 to 131 i get "temporary service busy" but my sim is browsing!will it stop

  19. I called mtn them don remove 2H plan for there system the plan Is no more available yomi what's the way forward

    • Don't mind mtn, they are confusing themselves and not us. They did not remove any 2hrs plan from their system. Call again and hear what they will tell you this time.

  20. Mr yomi happy new month, I used the first method last week and I used it for 2days but now I may connect and browse for 2minutes and stopped browsing and when I disconnect nd connect again and want to browse with it but it automatically redirect me to mtn homepage.. And later I may connect it again nd still browse for few minute.. So pls any remedy?

    • remove the sim for some time and put it back again, lets see if it will connect fine now. Mine even stopped browsing for complete 20hrs. i thought they have even blocked it but to my surprise, i tried it again now and it is working fine. This is what i am using in posting this replies.

  21. mine too is taken me to home page pls wat can i do.i heard their is a new code to reset the stuff…pls who knows dis new reset code?

  22. @yomi i just got an sms from 131 right now saing that my 2hours subscrption has expired i should send RESET to 131 or try reactivating a new plan. But yet am still browsing and my airtime is still intact. Is there anything @all i need to do?

  23. Thanks yomi. I just start using mine now and it's fast like rocket. I used the first method. More grease to your elbow.

  24. mtn wont stop sending me dis msg, pls wat does it means? Av received 4 of dis msg today alone- Dear customer, your 2 hrs 1-Day Data plan is still active. You have used 0 mins of 2 hrs. Expires: 30-Apr-2013 16:44.

    • Welcome to the Magic World! Since you keep receiving that message and your 2hrs plan suppose to expire 30th of April but this is May 2nd, so keep browsing dude and download as much as possible as you can before the mogojogo will block it. i don't trust this Mtn people. Mine is still blazing well and fast.

    • brother but it hangs many times and i will need to connect and disconnect many times b4 it will browse,at times it shows mtn home page too……pls is dis how it will be behaving???are u experencing dis kind of problem on ur own too???

  25. hello guys after i subscribe for the magic sim, can i make calls with the sim or mandatorily, i shouldnt use the sim for anything?

  26. @yomi,hw can i opt out of dis magic sim.imagine i recharged 100naira,dey gave me 10mb yet i cnt browse wit intendin 2 go 4 blackberry bis subscription bt am afraid it mite stil b interferin

  27. I did my mtn magic sim yestaday and I tried it this mornin, the network is extremely bad and I'm now using my etisalat to browse.. I hope you get to post that of the etisalat tweak.. Cox my frnd even gave me one of the sim to give his gfrnd, it has unlimited BIS, I even used it to browse and download last nite.. The guy refuse to disclose how it is being hacked and he said he can only sell it for me for a rate of 3k…pls try and post that of the etisalat if its ready. @ proff yomî

  28. Dis is YOUNGDON… @YOMI AN OTHERS. Pls do i need to buy new MTN sim to activate d mtn magic sim or cn i still use d one am using b4?

    • It all depends on you. if you don't want anything to interfere with ur normal sim, you can get a new sim. But you can always use your normal sim.

  29. @ oga yomi i av subscribe to mtn 2 hour plan and they sent me a text like dis Welcome to 2 hrs 1-Day Data plan. Remember fair usage policy applies at 150MB. Your plan expires on 04-May-2013 01:20.Send 2 to 131 to see bundle balance. Pls explain me more tnx

    • What they simply means by that fair usage policy is that ones your exhaust your 150mb, it will no longer browse. But all their plan will not work. This is simply Magic Sim

  30. The magic sim is working fine……just that network is too bad nowadays. Activate your sims this sunday 6th MAY. GOODLUCK.

  31. sorry which one is the correct one out of the two
    . Recharge your mtn sim(use mtn pulse line for better result) with nothing less than #250
    2. Send 2H to 131. By so doing you are subscribing for 2hours internet browsing on your pc.
    3. Insert the sim into your modem then connect it with your pc and browse with it within that 2hours.
    4. Remove the sim from the modem and leave the Sim unused for 24hours.
    5. After the 24hours, insert your sim to your phone or modem; and browse till your last day on earth

    Insert your sim into a torch light phone
    2. Load #250 airtime
    3. send 2H to 131 and wait for a confirmation message, then remove the Sim
    4. Off the phone for 24Hrs
    5. Then send reset to 131, then send reset to 4777 again. After that, you are good to go.

  32. mine is working but very very slow but faster on my phone. i activated it using d second way. i got a message last night like dis "Dear customer, u've used 25% out of your time bundle." is it gonna stop going when it gets to 100%?

    • OmoT' today makes it 8th day when i activated my own. Don't mind the message you got. keep browsing until you are tied of it. I got the same message when i activated mine. Goodluck to you.

    • thanks Mr Komolafe. My downloading is very slow n d internet speed also. pls do u have any solution to dat @ everybody?

    • Perhaps it might be ur network. But the best time to download is in the night, then the network will be free.

  33. Pls guys…if u subscribe for mtn 2h browsing on ur sim nd u gt a message dt u hv subcribed for it by 7:45pm…den u wait till d next day to activate it…will u activate it @exactly 7:45pm or 7:46pm…Pls Reply

  34. Mine appears 2 browse 4 lyk 2mins nd wud stop, com bak again nd in d nxt few mins it wud stop. Mr. Yomi, pls is dia any solution? Its has bin lik dat sincv I activated it 4 d past 6 days. Thanks…Chris

    • That how my own sim is doin since on wednesday pls yomi anyway out pls and pls reply quickly……..pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls……

  35. well guys. Yomi is doing a great work here. Let me add this, if you subscribe for the 2hrs daily plan, and u confirm ur money has been deducted, after 24hrs of unuse, send the various codes and start browsing. for those of you with sims that where browsing but now goes to the mtn page, resend the codes, disconnect and reconnect. end of worries. can email me for further verifications/questions. Nice job Mr. YOmi, keep up the good work. Emma([email protected])

  36. guys pls mine as been workin 4 sum days, but i tried it now and i was directed to mtn bundles home page pls help me

  37. i have don that, i hav, still the same, thing, i used d first method, after 24 hr i did not send any code to 131 pls help, i hav been using the sim 4 the past 3 days but it stared to derect me to homepage since mid nite, send rest to 131 and the other code, but still the same thing

  38. @ALL it directing me to homepage an i snd reset to 131 an 4777: dey said is invalid code. Plsss @all i need ur help on wat do pls

  39. this thing is verrrry slow now. my download speeds are an abomination. 10kb/s is ridiculous, compared to when i was using it with active BBC. i doubt its network issue. Am sure MNT is doing it on purpose cos both MNT lines have i configured with the 1st and 2nd settings are suffering the same thing
    Am amazed people will sell these lines for #7000 n above.

  40. Hi to everyone who wants to try this, go ahead, I used this method and it works. Don't doubt, it works, its what I am using now, thank you Yomi, your days will be great. 250 is a better payment than 3000 to 3500. I'm sure there's nobody here that won't say they can't afford 250 recharge card. Have fun my people.

    • Rechargin isn't d prob. If u read d posts above, ppl have dun it n r complaining dat its workin/nut working. I have tried it masef n d downloads r very slow…

    • You should know that mtn is trying all they can to terminate it, that's why it's so slow. But mine is not that slow.

  41. Don't even struggle with the sim if it is hot. Just keep ur magic sim once it is activated. Take a bike to a new by store and by a glo line. Join the Glo Multipliers effect Now. I now have 4gb for free. God bless Yomi d popular blogger.

  42. Guys you know almost everyone is on this magic sim now so the network will definitely be slow. why not try glo as i currently have 7gb just today alone. flexing on my pc man.

  43. pls can anyone jx give the step by step details to go about the glo stuff cos mine jx keeps givin me a msg sayin the gbam stuff costs #5 and ah shud press 1 to confirm…

  44. Mtn magic sim mine worked lyk madtttttttttttttttt am even making free calls with ma sim…i've got up to #300on ma sim but whenever i make a call within Nigeria dem don't deucduct ma credit

  45. Since this is not working all of you should pay me N45000 to teach you how to browse free with scientific calculator NOTE it is blazing like atomic bomb i am commenting using it. 45000 is a small investment

  46. Who can give a stable apn and dial up number for d sim, it flunctuate and also direct to mtn bundle site……..

  47. profYomi Pls i'll like to know if its still possible for me to activate my own Line into a magic Sim … Thanks

  48. @profyomi…….but mine is redirecting me to mtn bundle page……what can i do?…..i use

  49. Boss, fwenkz a whole lot, ayaf bin blazing d mtn magic shit xince y'day, n itz bin working vewee fyn, buh all of a sudden stopd on my android, buh still blazing on my nokia….wah m i suppose 2 do boss

  50. Mtn magic sum is still working but slow on downloading. After you activated it never send 2 to 131 and after 24 hours send those code. After sometimes it will be taking you to mtnn homepage because your data is still active. Relax after some weeks it will expire and start to blaze. It's over a month now I did mine and it is still working

  51. Pls proff.. How can I reverse my sim back from magic sim to normal cox the network is very bad and my 3G has dis appeared.. So also the 3G on my etisalat line, someone said I shuld try a tweak and it didn't work, pls how can I get both sim to browse normaly.. Help me

  52. prof yemi, i don tire with this redirecting to mtn bundle page oooo…..what can i do? i need ur help asap but the thing works on my nokia phone.

  53. waiste ur #250 at your own risk.i tried it after some hours of using it direct me to mtn bundle homeage`

  54. Did d 2h stuuf nd browsed within 30mins.. Removed my sim nd m gona b putin it bk 8y 4.30pm.. Afta putin d sim bk, wt am i 2do nxt?

    • Though it looks so frustrating this days gettting 2Hrs plan from mtn as they will deduct your money without giving you the 2hrs plan. For now call customer care before you make any subscription

  55. send reset to 131 n 4777. den start browsing. mine is fluctuating. its working nw. m usin it to post dis comment

  56. @Anonymous, it will only show invalid format when the 2Hrs has not been given to u. So please check if actually d 2hrs plan has bn given to u because me personally don't trust mtn.

    @Omotola, you knw cheat comes out in season. So surely, as soon as I discover more cheat, I will unveil it. Meanwhile, d reason diz one is slow is because Mtn server is currently undergoing upgrade bt will be good once dir upgrade is complete. I have been tryn to load since morning bt it's nt goin at all.

  57. Mawning bawze! Yomi..' plz it seemz dz stuff has been blockd, or z it still blazing? Coz i still usd it last nyt, buh it hasn't gone diz mawnin..? N secondly, i misplacd mai sim, dat has already been activatd 4 maigic sim.., plz if i retrieve wuld d maqic stuff still be intact..!? God bless u bawze….

    • It has not been block at all; still rocking well. Only that a times, it will take you to mtn home page due to their system upgrade but that is just temporary sha.
      I guess the magic stuff should still be intact wen u retrieve it.

  58. pls which of them is okey

    sorry which one is the correct one out of the two
    . Recharge your mtn sim(use mtn pulse line for better result) with nothing less than #250
    2. Send 2H to 131. By so doing you are subscribing for 2hours internet browsing on your pc.
    3. Insert the sim into your modem then connect it with your pc and browse with it within that 2hours.
    4. Remove the sim from the modem and leave the Sim unused for 24hours.
    5. After the 24hours, insert your sim to your phone or modem; and browse till your last day on earth

    Insert your sim into a torch light phone
    2. Load #250 airtime
    3. send 2H to 131 and wait for a confirmation message, then remove the Sim
    4. Off the phone for 24Hrs
    5. Then send reset to 131, then send reset to 4777 again. After that, you are good to go.

  59. "You have sent an invalid command" isn't cos ur subscription hasn't been received or activated on the mtn server, it's mtn setting.
    Ur subscription even fails to expire as at when due which results in people actually using up their 150mb which should have expired with 24hrs but remains active hrs, days after the supposed expiry date & time.
    It is this exhaustion of 150mb that results in the page redirection to
    You need to be sure your subscription has expired before u can progress to the next stage of Unlimited browsing.
    From my last experience, I subscribed for 2H…took about 2weeks for mine to expire and after which I cud progress to making it unlimited.
    Patience is key in this business.

  60. Is d̶̲̥̅̊ bis own still working. Also wen U̶̲̥̅̊ mean we av to b patient 4 it to xpire, i tot after 24hrs it must av expire. Also susbcribin to the 2hr is easy U̶̲̥̅̊ just call d̶̲̥̅̊ customer care and U̶̲̥̅̊ я̅ good to go. Need reply asap.  just subscribe to the 2h plan

  61. Hi prof…..i tried using d sim on my bb, but it only show
    small edge and 3G withouth bb sign, which means it
    hasn't been registered with bb wireless. I've done all
    required settings and i also send a message to registered
    from advance settings. But it didn't work(they didn't
    register it) what can i do?

  62. It's blazing hot friends I think the issue is having a good 3g connection. I did my on the 1st of may that's when I was in my village where the 3g network is not stable, it'll hardly open the facebook home incompletly and will stop. After trying frustrately for some days I gave up until When I left vilage to my place yesterday and decided to give it a try once more. To my surprise every page I hit opens with the speed of light. I got tired downloading and makin free calls on skype.
    All thanks to you yomiprof.

  63. HotSpot Shield installed on my PC and my observation was that it slowed down my download. Uninstalling it, my downloads kicked back up.

    Guys, to improve your browsing speed, use any of these APN on your mtn unlimited sim,,,

    Test and compare the speed to the default mtn apn and choose the one that works best for you.

  64. to stop it from disconnecting just text first 2h to 131, 104 to 131, 106 to 131 and 101 to 131 remove ur sim for 1hr den connect

    that is all

  65. does this technique for magic sim really work cos i tried it n d speed is so slow and d disconnections r fustrating. Even wen i change the apn to oda ones, its stil the same thing. Any new technique for magic sim pls?

  66. Bro yomi… Plz is the 2h activation still working? Cos i did 2 yestrday bt both are bringing on u ve used up 50 percent of your data bundle & i waited for 25hrs b4 putin it back on my phone…

  67. Remove your sim for another 24hrs (longer would be better)and let it sleep. Put it into a non browsing phone.
    You shud receive an sms that your data plan has expired.
    After getting the message, dial this code
    Ignore whatever u see u just answer the
    query with
    After answering; another message will come in telling you that you don't have sufficient credit to perform
    the operation. Ignore the message and try to connect your sim to browse for free now using mtn default. Or Use d sim to browse for less than two hours like for 1hrs 30min then
    remove the sim for 24hrs.
    After the 24hrs the sim is ready to browse

  68. think so. I seem to think the package is tied to your number rather than the sim itself. Ur number is what gives the sim a unique identity…give it a try and be sure not to reloa a bundle prior to testing out the unlimited function.

  69. prof good mornin i after suscribing 4 2h data and the money was deducted but uptill nw i cnnot browse nor download , but my 250 is gone. watg ll i do pls ………………..

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