How To Run Apple iOS Apps On Windows Computers

I’m currently running Apple iOS App and Android operating
system App  on my windows computer. Now I
can easily access application that runs on Apple iOS  and play cloud music while on my windows
computer. At the same time, I can download any android application to my system
using a simple application called Bluestack.
It’s really interesting to run  Apple iOS apps on windows. I know you are
curious to know how I

manage to run Apple iOS on my window computer but it’s
pretty simple. You can easily do that through this application called iPadian

 iPadian will simulate
all the functions and settings of the iPad on a Windows computer, thus allowing
users enjoy the iPad experience without owning such a device.
With iPadian Simulator, you can achieve the following:
==>Access free music and videos
==>Custom Apps stores
==>Social chat, Facebook and webkits browser.
What I actually love about this app Is that it allow me to
mix series of cloud music using Dj mixer.
Where Can I Get This App
==>Click here to download the app
==>Extract the app on your desktop and run the set up
==>Once the set up completes, lunch the app and enjoy
iPad experience while on windows.
NB: Make sure you have Adobe Air running on your PC to be able to use this app effectively.
And if you want to run Apple iOS on your Android smart phone, it is very
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