How to Unbrick Bricked Infinix Hot Android Phone

Whether you like it or not, some day or one day, your
android smartphone will experience a bug related to being brick… Android smartphone
is just like a typical African soup “ogbono soup”… the more you warm it the
sweeter it becomes. The more you install applications the more you enjoy your
device and the more it comes closer to its death age.
Android is not like Blackberry or window phone that is why I
always emphasis you make a CWM recovery of your device before installing any
strange apps. Have had series of Infinix hot users complain of their device
being bricked in their infant age; which is so unpleasant.

However, if you are in that category of people who have
already bricked their Infinix Hot smartphone, I’ve got a guideline for you on
how to recover it.
Thanks to Emmanuel Akor of AndroidVillaz for uploading this
Infinix Hot Stock Rom
What You Need

==>Patience in following this tutorial
==>CWM Recovery installed on your phone
==>SD Card
==>Stock Rom

How To Un-Brick Your Infinix Hot

==>Download the stock ROM for INFINIX HOT here
==>Copy to your SD card
==>Boot to your recovery and install the downloaded stock ROM like you re installing
a custom ROM.


==>Boot to CWM Recovery Mode (Power Off your Phone and
then Press Power Button + Volume Up Button until The Recovery)
==>Now Follow This steps for flashing Rom

Wipe data/factory Reset
Wipe cache Partition
Mount & Storage/ Format System
Advance/ Wipe Dalvik Cache
Now Go Back
Choose Zip From SDcard
Install Zip From SD Card
Now Select your Custom ROM which You
want to Flash
Then Wait Untill the Installation
Then Reboot Your Phone
What If I Can’t  boot
to recovery?

If you can’t
boot into recovery, just drop your comment and an assistant will be provided
for you.


Those of you who already have purchase the Infinix Hot Note,
please make a back up with CWM and upload it. It’s to your advantage and to
everyone advantage. If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t
hesitate to ask.
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  1. Yomi could u pls get us tecnoL6 ROm, I installed a fvcking beat audio app dat messed up all my audio drivers. Even after uninstalling the app and it's drivers, and even factory resetting my fone my sound quality is still very bad and I my favourite audio player (power amp ) won't work on my fone any more, just can't imaging myself using any other music player if not power amp. And to make things worst no any audio booster app or amplifier will work anymore……….. pls guys sty away from dat fvcking #beat audio app

  2. Lol….. I bought infinix hot note this afternoon, inserte my sim inside it and sent INFINIX to 131, here's the reply I got

    Dear customer, Sorry, you have already enjoyed this offer. Please subscribe to any other MTN data plan to enjoy cheaper rates.

    But Yomiprof you'll live long! I've already made a CWM backup of my new device. But I don't know where our how to upload it, so if anybody needs it, simply texte your mail address to 08036344992. And I'll attach it to your mail address and share it with you ASAP

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    • It seems you are new to Android… Well, welcome on board. To a layman understanding, brick means when your phone OS has a terrible accident that the chances of survival is between 1.2% to 5%. At this change, you won't be able to access anything on your phone, only the android logo you'll see.

      That is why back up of your device is very necessary.

  4. Yomi please I can't boot my phone to recovery mode. It can only on and display samsung, then goes off and ON again display samsung. It keeps repeating that till the battery is empty. Please assist me on what to. Please

    • ==>Power off your device completely.
      Press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.
      ==>Release the buttons when the phone’s screen flickers or the Stock / CWM / TWRP Recovery logo appears.
      ==>That is it, after you release buttons, you will be taken to the main Recovery Mode menu.

      If this method didn't work out for you, I'll give you the PC method.

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  6. please you need to help me with my tecno p5plus… i made a backup with MTKDROID TOOLS but when i wanted to create CWM with it i was getting

    — ERROR :No find KernelGZ
    — ERROR :No Split Boot Image
    — task is complete —
    what seems to be wrong??

    • Since you are having problem creating a CWM revovery for you P5, you need to manually flash CWM recovery on your device…

      What You Need
      1. Download MTK droid tools
      2. Download PdaNet
      3. A PC
      4. USB cord
      5. The rooted phone


      1. Enable USB debugging on the phone and connect it to the PC
      2. With the phone connected, install PdaNet (Select Other from the list ; you should see "Drivers Successfully Installed" at the end of installation) .
      3. Launch MTK Droid tools
      4. MTK Droid tools should display the phone's details by the left
      5. The box at the bottom should be yellow
      6. Click Root at the bottom of MTK and select Yes if prompted on PC and Grant on phone
      7. A green bar should load and the yellow box should become green
      8. Click on the root,backup,recovery tab at the top
      9. Click Backup and wait for the backup process to be complete
      10. When promoted to pack backup, select No.
      11. When backup is complete, tick 'To select boot.img'
      12. In the window that pops up, select the boot file from the backup you just made (MTK folder > Backups > Phone backup)
      13. Click Yes to every prompt you get
      14. When promoted to boot into recovery mode, click Yes
      15. The phone should now boot into clockworkmod recovery mode
      16. Ensure to backup your phone (Backup and Restore > Backup )

      You can still download this already uploaded CWM recovery for Tecno P5 here

      mtk6572 ..
      4.4.2 kitkat
      .. I have made a backup of the mtk am having problem with flashimg cwm on it…
      from step 12 instead of getting more prompts i get one ..and it writes that error ..

  7. mr prof.plz the url u gave me (universal software for wiping mtk no debug) is just going to the homepage of ur website….

  8. please my infinix hot got bricked when i try to install the new system update and i instal custom rom u post ed but the response is "installation aborted" please help me boss . am missing my phone

  9. Please,i need help and i need it asap.., i didn't install the cwm recovery stuff in my hot note,my phne was rooted and i tried to update my system. I never knew about all these u guys r sayin abt avin a bckup…now my hot note is bricked. It stops just at d infinix logo. Pls and pls,wat do i do?

  10. Pls, am suffering d same fate as dis last person comment, I didn't install any cwm recovery on my hot note before it got bricked, can I downloaded d stock ROM and ff d procedure like dah??

  11. Pls, am suffering d same fate as dis last person comment, I didn't install any cwm recovery on my hot note before it got bricked, can I downloaded d stock ROM and ff d procedure like dah??

  12. okay, i installed custom recovery on my infinix hot. when i tried to format system via the advanced option, it did not complete so, i removed my battery… now, my phone wont boot into recovery again. i have installed cwm using flash tool successfully; still wont boot into recovery. its. i need help!!!!!!!

  13. pls Mr Akor & Prof am having issues with my infinix hot .for like a week now pictures and videos I downloaded are nt playing.even pix send to me on WhatsApp will just show dark ,if I click on it ,it will show like thumbnail nt clearly. pls help .what can I do

  14. pls yomi prof,my infinix hot got bricked when i tried to upgrade using the phone system update and it also rooted and i didnt backup the recovery with CWM…PLS HELP SIR…I have a is my contact and email.08109599051,[email protected]

  15. my hot not is bricked and wont come on with the power and voulme up combo,and when connected to pc the pc would say that the device has malfunctioned and the phone wont give any signs bricked when i used the volume up and power combo..since then it hasnt come on

  16. Am unable to boot into recovery on my X507. I flashed TWRP recovery but it had issues and so I tried flashing the factory recovery.img. Now the phone can't even boot into recovery. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. My email is [email protected]


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